Jennifer Barnes Sodomized Her 10-Year-Old Son & Burnt His Penis With Lighter



​It’s unknown if 39-year-old Jennifer Louise Barnes hated her 10-year-old adopted son, or if she was just a sick bastard who was into sexual torture. Child services had been to her Gilbert, Arizona home before, but apparently didn’t find enough to act…

So the boy was left to the mercy of his depraved mom. And she believed torture was the best form of mercy.

She once made him eat dog shit, then taped his mouth shut so he couldn’t spit it out. She repeatedly sodomized him with his toothbrush. She also liked to burn his penis with a lighter and a curling iron.

The abuse began in May of last year. We’re not sure how the cops became involved, but when they confronted Barnes, she denied knowing anything and claimed she never abused the boy.

A medical exam would badly contradict her claims, however. Doctors found large scars on his groin and legs that appeared to be healed burns. The boy also had scars on his rectum consistent with being sodomized.

Barnes is now charged with sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse. Happily, a judge has denied her bond.

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