Jennifer Roberts Fired, Charged With Assault in Lesbian Cop Love Triangle



​In today’s episode of White Trash Theatre, we take you to fabulous Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where the cops like to love and party with equal vengeance. 33-year-old cop Jennifer Roberts was living with fellow officer Mary Jean Farrell, 44, and her two kids…

But at some point, the bloom fell from the rose. Roberts (pictured top) decided to start seeing another woman. Her split from Farrell was not exactly amicable.

When they parted, both filed protection orders after they both pulled guns on each other, which can occasionally happen when love spoils between heavily armed people.

Farrell went on with her life, soon taking up with another woman of her own, 44-year-old Sheila Sult. But this didn’t please Roberts. Though she dumped Farrell in the first place, she wasn’t happy that her former sweetheart had found love anew. So she began stalking Farrell and Sult.

The strife came to a head one day at the Wyoming Valley Mall, the famed home to romantic outpouring and reasonably priced casual wear. Farrell and Sult were at the mall together when Roberts began pounding Farrell’s phone with calls and texts.

She said she was outside and wanted to talk to Farrell. And if Farrell wouldn’t come out to talk? Well, she’d show her displeasure by “fucking Sheila up.”

She said that Farrell was her wife, and that if she didn’t break up with Sult, she would “fuck Sult up.” She also said she would “punch the Colgate smile” off Sult’s face.

After the incident, Sult went home and started posting about it on her Facebook page. This did not please the demure and lady-like Roberts. In keeping with her gritty and promising new line of threats, she told Farrell that she was going to “knock the shit out of Sheila and take it
off Facebook herself.”

Then, as is commonly the case when love goes astray, Roberts went out to get hammered.

Farrell, meanwhile, went to Sult’s home and asked her to take the Facebook postings down. Sult refused, instead asking Farrell to leave.

But as she was leaving, Farrell got a call from Roberts. She was with another woman and was driving to Sult’s home that very moment to kick some ass. When Roberts arrived, she pushed the door open, knocked Sult over a love seat, and began punching her in the face and head.

Sult at first called 911, but hung up before talking to a dispatcher. The cops showed up anyway, finding Sult with blurred vision, lumps on her head, and scratches on her neck.

The Luzerne County brass wasn’t pleased by Roberts’ behavior, deeming it a poor strategy for lesbian reconciliation. She was promptly charged with assault. And fired.

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