Juanita Fisher Charged With Raping Pre-Teen, Making Brother & Sister Fondle Each Other



​It’s pretty clear that Juanita Fisher is a total babe. That’s evident by her photo. In fact, she’s so babelicious that she’s apparently has five kids by five different men — and all have been taken away by social services in Jefferson, Illinois for reasons unknown…

But according to police, Juanita’s dangerous good looks also come equipped with a libido that just won’t quit. So when there’s no adult men around to impregnate her, she’s forced to settle for pre-teen boys and girls.

She was caught after a teenage boy confessed to his foster parents that he’d been molested by Fisher. Police won’t say how they’re related, but the kid says that when he was 8 or 9, Fisher would have sex in front on him and his sisters to teach them The Fisher Method of Skanking.

She also performed “numerous sex acts” on the boy while his younger sister watched. Finally, he says Fisher made he and his sister get naked and fondle each other. His sister confirmed his story.

But when detectives confronted the horn dog, she began to cry. She later called the boy to tell him that if he didn’t recant his story, she would go to the slam and the boy would go to juvenile jail.

That only led to an additional charge of obstruction of justice, which will handsomely blend with her previous charges of felony child molestation, felony incest, and felony vicarious sexual gratification.

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