Kristina Reilly & James McArdle Raised 2 Kids in Home Filled With Raw Sewage



​Kristina Reilly is a 26-year-old mom known for being totally loving and into providing her kids with safe, secure shelter. But she’d been a little busy lately with some extra stealing, so forgive her if she wasn’t able to get to the raw sewage flooding her house…

James McArdle didn’t seem to mind that raw sewage an inch thick covered the floors of his home. His bong still worked, didn’t it?

​Police arrived at her home on Tuesday to serve her a warrant on a theft charge. We’re not sure what that entailed, but stealing quickly took a back seat to the stench emanating from the Venice, Florida home.

Reilly and her boyfriend, 29-year-old James McArdle, told the cops that the septic tank backed up five days before. They just hadn’t gotten around to cleaning in up. It may have been a hassle living in a house swimming in raw sewage, but that’s the fate of being a modern, multi-tasking mom.

Yet when the cops entered the home, they assumed the problems had being going on for more than five days. There was literally shit an inch deep in some rooms, and others had shit saturating the carpet.

Two small kids were found in a bedroom with only a mattress and pillows covered with mildew. Cops also found a needle, a spoon, and a bong. If you’re going to live in sewage, you should at least be getting high to dull the smell, shouldn’t you? That’s just parenting 101.

Other highlights from the tour, according to the police report: “In the kitchen there was sewage backed up and half of the sink was
filled with liquid waste. There was an infestation
of ants and cockroaches all over the counters. The one usable bathroom
within the home was also filled with sewage. The toilet was overflowed
with feces and the shower floor was covered in human waste.”

McArdle tried to tell the cops that the family used a bucket for a bathroom, then dumped their waste in a backyard pool, which is totally environmental.

But it seems the cops weren’t into the environment. They charged both adults with child cruelty. McArdle took an additional hit for possessing drug paraphernalia.

The kids were taken by social workers.

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