Linda Vaughn Tries to Torture, Beat & Burn Woman into Getting Naked



​48-year-old Linda Vaughn is a smoldering firecracker of sexuality and lesbian love machine. Behold her mugshot as Exhibit A of our thesis. But it seems that at least one woman was able to repel Vaughn’s magnetic amorous pulses, so Vaughn had to bust out a fresher game…

She invited the unnamed, 34-year-old woman over to her house in Belleview, Florida last week, then proceeded to apply her legendary mating techniques on the lady.

Yet for reasons we don’t understand, the target wasn’t into getting naked with Vaughn. Some people don’t have any taste.

That’s when Vaughn decided that torture was the best way to charge the woman’s loins into full coital fury. She refused to let the woman leave, taking her cash, drivers license and credit cards. 

Then Vaughn punched, kicked and stomped on the woman. She burned her arm with a lit cig, cut her with a butter knife, and tried to set her hair on fire. All the while Vaughn was still trying to coax her into getting her into bed, because everyone knows that torture is an ancient form of arousal.

When none of that worked, Vaughn forced the woman to lick an open sore on her arm, telling her victim she had AIDS, which is like a white trash version of a candlelit dinner.

Eventually, the woman was able to convince Vaughn to go to a nearby bar, where they could fuel their pending liaison with a few pregame brewskies.

Alas, it was all a dastardly plot. It seems the woman wasn’t really into Vaughn after all. She was just using the old bar trick as a ruse to escape and call police.

The victim was subsequently hospitalized, and Vaughn was charged with aggravated battery, false imprisonment and theft, terms she believes are merely synonyms for the word “foreplay.”

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