Megan Long, 19 & Pregnant, Dies After Storing Mom’s Meth in Her Vagina



​In the storied annals of gooberism, this may be the most goobnotorious crime we’ve ever covered. Megan Long was 19 and pregnant. She was riding in a car in Murray County, Georgia with her mom, April Flood, and her boyfriend, Eddie Duke…

Police believe April Flood, left, asked her daughter to store meth in her vagina during a traffic stop

​That’s when the cops decided to pull them over for a traffic violation. That’s also when Flood decided to panic, asking her daughter to hide her meth in her vagina. After all, if your daughter can’t do you small favors, what’s the point of having kids?

Doctors believe Megan may have absorbed up to 7 grams of meth through her vaginal lining

​The cops never found the drugs. So the threesome went on their merry way. When Megan got home, she tried to remove the dope from her vaginal unit. But all that came out was the bag. It seems her mom wasn’t big on the use of secure packaging.

A short time later Megan broke into convulsions. When Duke called 911, he told them how Megan had likely absorbed the meth into her system.

She was already in full cardiac arrest by the time she reached the hospital. Her unborn baby died two days later. Megan died the day after that. Doctors estimate that she may have absorbed up to seven grams through the lining of her vagina.

Flood now says that the meth was Duke’s. Duke told police that the meth was Flood’s, but he disappeared after his girlfriend died.

Flood has been arrested.

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