Merlizeth Lescana, Nearly Naked Burglar, Uses Cry of Rape to Escape Homeowner



​Richard Sowards just took a quick trip to the store. When he returned to his house in Lemon Grove, California, he walked in to find 24-year old Merlizeth Lescana holding a laundry basket. But Lescana wasn’t a friend. Nor did she inexplicably arrive to wash some clothes…

The basket contained Richard’s jewelry box and his computers.

Lescana tried to make a run for it, bolting into the backyard and attempting to climb the fence. But the fence was too tall, and Richard was already on the horn to 911. So Lescana decided to charge him.

She knocked the phone out of his hand, then tried to make a call herself. Meanwhile, Richard kept trying to call 911, but Lescana kept batting his phone away.

He finally contacted his girlfriend, telling her to call the cops. But our 5-foot-tall, 100-pound villain wasn’t about to go down easily. (You can see her Facebook page here.)

She grabbed a flower pot and smashed it over Richard’s head. Unfortunately, Richard is from California, where men live on pine cones and shots of wheat grass instead of meat and whiskey, as God intended. He found it rather difficult to subdue the 100-pound lass.

They wrestled to the ground as Richard tried to hold her for the police. But she slashed him in the leg with a piece of the broken flower pot, then took off running again. Richard grabbed her by the belt, but Lescana simply slid out of her pants and kept going.

So Richard grabbed her by the shirt, but she slid out of that as well and began running down the street, now nearly naked.

Neighbors heard the commotion and started coming out of their homes. By this time Richard had caught her again. That’s when Lescana busted out the ultimate trump card. She started screaming that she was being raped.

Not wanted to be beat to death by neighbors for being mistaken for a pervert, Richard let go. “I’m trying to hold her for the police but she’s
naked so she starts screaming rape and my neighbors… they know me but
what do you do when somebody’s yelling rape? So I kind of let her go,” he told 10-News. Lescana escaped.

But police were able to ID her by the cell phone she left behind in Richard’s yard. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

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