Ralph Paputsakis Stabbed to Death By 17-Year-Old Son, Who Was Protecting Uncle



​47-year-old Ralph Paputsakis wasn’t much of a father. He had little involvement in his 17-year-old son’s life, so forgive the boy for not recognizing him when his dad showed up at his uncle’s house in Edgewood, Washington with mayhem on his mind…

The boy’s uncle — Paputsakis’s brother — went outside Saturday morning when he heard a noise outside the home. That’s when Paputsakis, who was estranged from his family, began to beat his brother in the head with a crowbar.

Paputsakis’s family has no idea what prompted the attack. But hearing the commotion, his 17-year-old son raced outside with a knife to defend his uncle. He stabbed the assailant multiple times. Then he recognized that he was slicing up his own father.

Paputsakis, a married father of five, later died at a hospital. The uncle was hospitalized and released.

“We’ve all been crying all night long and it’s the hardest thing I
ever had to go through,” the boy’s sister, Heather Flores, told KGW-TV. “What
my brother did to him, he didn’t know it was our dad. He didn’t know it.
When he saw him, he just freaked out.”

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