Richard & Kristy Finlayson Caught on Camera Getting Their Incest on in Elevator



​21-year-old Richard Finlayson and his sister, Kristy, 18, looked in the mirror one day and decided there was no way they were ever going to have sex. So they decided they might as well bone each other. They were at a British train station with an 11-year-old boy…

Richard was witnessed giving his sister money after their second round of incestual passion, but he claims it wasn’t for services rendered

​That’s where they left the kid on the platform, repaired to an elevator, and took a crazy trip to Bone Town. A fun time was had by all.

What they didn’t know is that the elevator was equipped with a surveillance camera, which caught the torrid action in all of its furious glory.

But they weren’t done yet. It seems their incestual yearning could not be quenched with a single round of hide the Polish sausage. So they returned again a short time later for Episode 2: Finlayson Raw. After they left the second time, Richard could be seen kicking Kristy money.

The two were busted and confessed to unlawful sexual intercourse. Richard claims he didn’t give Kristy the money to bone him, but “as a brother, not for payment.”

Unfortunately, the British public was outraged — not just by the incest charges, but by being left a mental image of seeing either one of the siblings naked.

Neighbors decided to take it out on Kristy by busting the windows out at her apartment and throwing bricks at her home. She was forced to move out. (Special thanks to reader Colin for the tip.)

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