Robert Lyons Stabs Mom to Death for Refusing to Buy Him Avril Lavigne Tickets



​You could understand that Robert Lyons really wanted to see Avril Lavigne if he was a pre-teen girl and this was 2002. But when the Canadian songstress arrived in Chicago in 2008, Lyons was already 36-year-old and something vaguely resembling a man…

Who knew Avril Lavigne had fans over the age of 11?

​Still, he was pestering his 61-year-old mom Linda Bolek to score tickets through a friend for the show. Mom wasn’t interested.

The two were known to argue in the suburban Chicago home they shared with Linda’s boyfriend. But when mom committed the ultimate sin of refusing to score ticket to the enchanting pop-goth songbird, Robert apparently had enough.

Detectives say he’d been plotting to kill his mom for quite some time. So he stabbed his mother nine times in the back, then doused her with insecticide and drain cleaner. It seems he thought that would make her body disappear. Or something.

Due to the swift pace of American justice, it would take three years for him to finally go to trial. Last week, a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. Lavigne is rumored to be mourning the incarceration of her one semi-adult fan. (Special thanks to reader Nemesis for the tip.)

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