Sean Duffy Jailed for Internet Trolling, Tormenting Dead Teens’ Families



​There’s no question about it: Sean Duffy is a huge dickhead. The 25-year-old jerkoff from Britain has a twisted little hobby. When he hears about teens dying tragic deaths in the news, he likes to go online and torment their friends and families by acting like an asshole…

Police don’t know exactly how many people he was a prick to, but they do know his dicktitude was only matched by his lack of originality.

It started last year when Hayley Bates, 16, died in a car accident. Duffy was kind enough to go online and post photos of her with crosses on her eyes and stitches on her head with the oh-so-clever title, “Used car for
sale, one useless owner.”

He did it again when Lauren Drew died from epilepsy. He kindly posted a Mother’s Day video with a photo of a coffin that said “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Then there was Natasha McBride. The 15-year-old had been bullied at school, so she decided to end it all by laying in front of a train. Duffy set up a Facebook page called Tasha the Tank Engine.

That’s a knee-slapper. Get it?

And when Jordan Cooper was stabbed to death, he set up another Facebook page called “Jordan Cooper in pieces.” His artistic talents once again involved bloody knives and eyes crossed out.

In America, you can be a dick to people all you want and you’re protected under the First Amendment. But not in Britain. They have a law called the Malicious Communications Act, which
makes it illegal to “send or deliver letters or other
articles for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety.”

So Duffy was essentially charged with the crime of online assholism. His lawyer tried to argue that he suffers from Asberger’s, doesn’t have many friends, and spends most of his time drinking alone. That may be unusual in Britain, but here those symptoms are merely known as being a resident of Mississippi.

He was sentenced to 18 weeks in the slam and barred from using Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, Bebo and Myspace. He also has to tell the police if he gets a phone that allows internet access.

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