Teacher Michelle Preston Busted After Nude Photos of Her Circulate at School



​One would think that after the 7,298th incident, teachers would learn that getting naked with their students leaves them with roughly a 169 percent chance of getting caught. But 27-year-old Michelle Preston of Shawnee Mission, Kansas did not get the memo…

Today’s lesson in bonedoggery with students: It’s always best to avoid sending evidence of your crimes to the entire student body

​She teaches geography and coaches the cheerleading squad at Shawnee Mission West High School. That last sentence should have put her occupation in the past tense.

Lady Preston, it would seem, enjoyed playing barenaked with her students. And because she’s a huge, huge moron, she also sent them nude photos of herself, just so there would be evidence of her illicit boot-knocking.

She was suspended last fall when said photos began circulating around school, accompanied by rumors that she was vacationing in Bonetown with some of the school’s more dashing lads.

The same day she was put on leave, Preston decided to drive her truck off a ledge, crashing into a creek. She had to be helicoptered from the scene with serious injuries.

Unfortunately, she sucks at suicide as much as she sucks at finding discreet sexual partners. She’s since recovered, and a subsequent investigation revealed that she has made available her womanly fruits to at least three boys last fall. 

She’s now charged with unlawful sexual relations.

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