Wael Ali Charged With Beating Twin Brother to Death for Ratting Him on Clothes Theft



​Wasel Ali was last seen on August 22, 2007 on surveillance cameras at a Columbia, Maryland mall. He’d just been fired from a store at the mall for stealing clothes. His boss says he admitted to the thefts and also confessed that his twin brother, Wael, was in on the thefts…

On the day Wasel (right) went missing, he’d ratted his brother on a clothes theft and they were indicted in another case

​The two 19-year-old brothers were seen on video cameras at the mall that day. But it’s the last time anyone saw Wasel alive.

He disappeared that day. Wael organized search parties with friends. But Wasel’s body  wouldn’t be found until five days later in the woods. He’d been beaten to death and died of a neck injury.

Wael was originally among the suspects. When he organized his search parties, he pushed friends not to search the area where the body was found, saying he’d already checked there. But the case would eventually go cold.

That same year, the brothers had been arrested in Virginia for possessing a stolen gun and impersonating police. Since Wasel had already ratted Wael for the clothes theft, he may have been concerned that his twin would cave on the more severe charges as well. A warrant was issued on the second case the same day Wasel went missing.

Wael would eventually move to Marietta, Georgia. But cold case detectives kept working on the murder. Last week, they arrested Wael for his brother’s slaying.

They’re not saying how they finally put a case together against Wael. But he’s been charged with first-degree murder.

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