Chris Paciello, South Beach Nightclub Star, Ratted Out Mob Bosses Before Doing Time For Murder


​In the late ’90s, Chris Paciello was the star of a reborn South Beach — opening nightclubs, dating Madonna, hanging out with J-Lo. But behind the scenes, the guy was a mobbed up goon from New York. He eventually plead guilty to planning a mob murder of a Jersey housewife, doing six years in the pen. Today, he’s out of jail, back in SoBe, and opening a ritzy new club. But new FBI files show why he’s free: Paciello ratted out all the top bosses in the Bonanno crime family. The snitch has also already gone back to his old ways, getting a DUI for flying down a Sobe street in a new sports car. Miami New Times has his whole mob saga