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Miami Teen Anthony Maldanado Took A Woman On A Date So His Friend Could Rob Her House

By Tim Elfrink in Douchebags
Friday, March 16, 2012 at 7:15 am

​An 18-year-old from Miami named Anthony Maldonado has just entered the Hall of Fame of horrible first dates. First, he befriended a woman, introducing himself as "Florenciano Valentino," a name that should have rung creepy alarm bells from the start. He'd already scouted the woman's house out with a friend, and while they went on a lunch date, police say his buddy pulled into her garage and walked off with $5,000 in electronics. If that's not shitty enough, Maldonado took the woman's cell phone during the date and ran off, stiffing her with the bill. Worst of all: The date was lunch at Applebees.

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