As El Cajon Shooting Goes National, L.A. Civil Rights Leaders Call for Justice


Los Angeles civil rights leaders this week called on Laura E. Duffy, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California, to conduct a “fast track” investigation into Tuesday’s fatal shooting of a black man, Alfred Olango, by police in El Cajon, an eastern suburb of San Diego.

The 38-year-old immigrant from Uganda was captured on video holding what police said was a vaporizer. He assumed a “shooting stance” as he faced officers who were telling him to drop the object, El Cajon police Chief Jeff Davis told reporters. At least one cop opened fire, he said. Another officer “discharged” a Taser at about the same time, he said. The deadly encounter added to a list of shootings of unarmed black men that helped spark the born-in-L.A. Black Lives Matter movement, which was in effect as protesters took to the streets of El Cajon this week.