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When you love Apple products and you’re a little short of cash, what are you gonna do? If you’re Sharif John Reid, cops say you’ll create dozens of fake credit cards, all using the same name but based on different stolen identities, and then you start hitting every Apple shop you can get to in two states. Reid racked up $200,000 in Apple purchases before getting caught. Houston Press has the story.

Kushal Shaw/Flickr

Kushal Shaw/Flickr

The FBI this week is trying to figure out whether or not a crime occurred after it was reported that a large group of turban-wearing men fired weapons in a remote high desert community of Southern California.

“The FBI was asked to respond to reports of suspicious activity on federal land, and we are currently working with local authorities to determine whether a crime occurred,” Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the bureau’s Los Angeles office, told us.

What witnesses reported sounds, frankly, quite scary.

If a man approaches you in a Best Buy parking lot, offering to sell a deeply discounted iPad with a confusing story about needing money to get home, chances are it’s too good to be true. A woman in Florida learned that the hard way when she forked over $400 for an “iPad” that turned out to be made of wood and duct tape. Police found several other fake computers in the car of a Miami man with a long criminal record. Miami New Times has the story.

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