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Like a lot of Miami journalists, Carlos Miller headed downtown in January to cover a police raid against the local Occupy movement. Unlike a lot of other journalists, though, Miller had repeatedly antagonized the local police department over his right to film them in public. As the raid kicked off, Miller suddenly found himself targeted: The head of the police media relations department personally arrested him, claiming he’d ignored orders to leave. Problem is, she didn’t know he’d filmed the whole thing. A jury took less than half an hour to acquit the photographer on Thursday. Miami New Times has the full story.

***UPDATE, 12/11/08*** Go here for a post about the newest find, made the morning of December 11, 2008.
findingcaylee.jpgLooks like Leonard Padilla may have stepped in it, this time. The bounty hunter has a long history of proactively seeking attention related to various high-profile crime stories in the news, and much of the time, Padilla has been basically trying to do the right thing. But the supposed “find” of bones in a bag today (see original post, below) during the search for Caylee Anthony may have put Padilla in the doghouse with the media.
And with the cops.
In spite of Padilla’s insistence that a shamrock was found with the bones and toys and the fact that shamrocks are important symbols to Caylee’s mother Casey, the Orange County Sheriff has stated that the bones and toys were simply not related to the case at all. And they spanked Padilla and cast suspicion on his connection to the find. From the Orlando Sentinel:
“‘Law-enforcement should have been the first to be called and not the media,’ sheriff’s office spokesman Capt. Angelo Nieves said. Nieves asked Padilla to take a lie detector test and Padilla agreed.”
Orange County authorities will likely ask Padilla if he planted the bag, since that seems like the first, most obvious question.
According to the Sentinel, Tim Miller was also irritated with Padilla. Miller, who heads Texas Equusearch, has worked hard to maintain his group’s reputation. The Orlando paper reports that Miller “was aggravated with Padilla’s efforts and called them a media stunt.”
I had a feeling this story was too good to be true, and was careful with how I worded the original post below. It just seemed too damned easy. Turns out my cynicism was merited this time.
I hate it when that happens.
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Will a bag of bones put the final nails in Casey Anthony’s coffin? […]