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lizard_lounge_roderick_pullumTensions were high in Oak Lawn on Sunday night. Afternoon thunderstorms had left the skies overcast and bleak, and all along the streets and in the doorways of the clubs there was a hard-to-miss police presence.
Only hours before, a shooter had opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 50 people.

For clubs and concert venues across the country, including here in Dallas, the world suddenly feels different. Oak Lawn, with its high concentration of gay bars, is under particularly close watch. Police had already been on the street Sunday to monitor a neighborhood march commemorating the Pulse victims. But at clubs like J.R.’s — which observed a moment of silence for the Orlando victims on Sunday — the venues took it upon themselves to have extra security, as well, placing an extra guard at the doors.

Jibril Salami“The victim called officers to the scene after he observed the same suspect lying on the ground while masturbating. Officers arrived but were unable to apprehend the suspect after a brief foot chase. On this date the suspect was wearing a grey T-shirt, black pants with a white stripe, and was carrying a black and blue shopping bag. Officers believe he may live in the area of the offense location. The victim advised that he has observed the suspect performing the same lewd acts on several other occasions.”

Call DPD if you see Mr. Salami. He’s wanted for indecent exposure.

Dallas County

Darryl Davis

Darryl Davis is something of a celebrity in downtown Dallas. He’s been roaming the streets for years, hounding passersby for money with an intensity and tenacity that other neighborhood panhandlers can’t or won’t muster. In the past nine months, he’s been ticketed five times for panhandling, according to municipal court records, despite notoriously lax enforcement of the ordinance by police. Downtown residents unhesitatingly identify him as the most aggressive beggar they come across. So do yellow-jacketed members of the Downtown Safety Patrol, who respond to his picture with a knowing groan and some variation of “I hate that guy!”

It was fitting, then, that Davis was reportedly the first offender nabbed as part of of the Dallas Police Department’s brand-new panhandling crackdown. At 11:27 a.m. on Monday, two-and-a-half hours before DPD officially announced the crackdown at a press conference, Davis was booked into jail on a charge of “solicitation by coercion,” Dallas’ legal term-of-art for panhandling.

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