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jamie_katz_pet_detectiveKatz is South Florida’s real-life pet detective. Every day, beloved animals go missing, but because animal shelters are overwhelmed and police are busy with higher priorities, pet owners are often left helpless, growing more frantic with each passing hour. Katz, a licensed private investigator with a background in criminal justice and a pair of scent-sniffing canines, has capitalized on solving a problem that otherwise has no good solution. Since opening her pet-finding business in September 2015, Katz has taken 88 cases and has been successful in 53 of them — 60 percent. With GPS technology, shoe-leather canvassing, and knowledge of the latest pet-napping scams, she has worked to recover roaming tabbies, stolen French bulldogs, and even a talking parrot.

florida_burritto_fightImages via Via Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department

Here’s a tip to make sure your criminal Florida shenanigans make the weird-news circuit: Involve a popular and beloved food item. If the words “pizza,””doughnut,” “bacon,” or “taco” appear in the police report, be prepared to go viral. As for “burrito”? Well,  it’s destined to wind up on hundreds of Facebook newsfeeds.

So all apologies to Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 66, for reporting this, but we just gotta.

florida_keys_childrens_shelterOn June 1, 2012, when she returned to the shelter after her eighth escape, a staffer offered to help her run away once more. Instead — the girl and her family now say — that employee sold the teen into a sex-trafficking ring, where she was forced into prostitution for 41 days, held against her will by captors who threatened to kill her, and eventually contracted a sexually transmitted disease.


Thanks to Scarface, Miami Vice, and Rakontur, everyone knows that 1980s Miami was the world capital of illegal substances. But few realize that 60 years before the Cocaine Cowboys era, another brand of underworld smugglers had already turned South Florida into the Wild West. At the height of Prohibition, Dade County was a rumrunning capital where insane shootouts lit up the Miami River, bootleggers flaunted their cash on the beach, and liquor flowed in on the tides.

Pasted_Image_4_8_16__3_42_PMWaka flakka, flamed out? The synthetic-drug epidemic that has gripped Broward County and spilled over into Miami-Dade more than two years ago may already be over thanks to an unprecedented level of coordination involved in the war on that drug.

The drug often leaves users in a state of psychosis. Public rampages, frequently in the nude, were a common side-effect. People on the drug have done everything from crashing a car into a county jail and then spitting on cops and claiming to be both God and Satan, to climbing up a drawbridge in the buff.

Pasted_Image_4_8_16__3_36_PMFlorida Keys residents have waited uneasily for months for answers about what happened to 26-year-old Tara Rosado and 30-year-old Carlos Ortiz, who were found shot in the head in the bedroom of their Tavernier home last October while Rosado’s three children slept nearby.

Now, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says it has arrested the men responsible — Jeremy Macauley and Adrian Demblans. The motives behind the killing revolve around a chance discovery of a huge cocaine load during a deep-sea fishing expedition, a failed tattoo shop business plan, and an extortion plot gone wrong.


Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Roy Wayne Roby, a retired lieutenant-colonel in the Venezuelan Air Force linked to an Arizona plot to violate an arms embargo, was arrested last week in Florida. Two weeks ago, an Arizona federal judge sentenced a Venezuelan Air Force colonel to 19 months in prison in the same case, which involved a 2007 shipment to the South American country of four military-grade airplane engines. Phoenix New Times has the story.

Gentlemen: If you’re going to join a “Sugar Daddy” website, take a few simple steps before emailing nude photos of yourself and agreeing to send your new online ladyfriend thousands of dollars. First, reverse image search her nude photos to see if she’s just sending you random pornstar pics. Second, don’t include your face in your photos. A fellow in Las Vegas did neither and ended up getting scammed by a Florida woman who later threatened to send his wife the pics and to kill his family if he didn’t send more cash. Miami New Times has the story

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