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Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Roy Wayne Roby, a retired lieutenant-colonel in the Venezuelan Air Force linked to an Arizona plot to violate an arms embargo, was arrested last week in Florida. Two weeks ago, an Arizona federal judge sentenced a Venezuelan Air Force colonel to 19 months in prison in the same case, which involved a 2007 shipment to the South American country of four military-grade airplane engines. Phoenix New Times has the story.

Gentlemen: If you’re going to join a “Sugar Daddy” website, take a few simple steps before emailing nude photos of yourself and agreeing to send your new online ladyfriend thousands of dollars. First, reverse image search her nude photos to see if she’s just sending you random pornstar pics. Second, don’t include your face in your photos. A fellow in Las Vegas did neither and ended up getting scammed by a Florida woman who later threatened to send his wife the pics and to kill his family if he didn’t send more cash. Miami New Times has the story

Aurelia Kambic arrested with crack pipe, baby_ A mom was arrested when Longwood cops found her with a crack pipe and her baby. - Orlando Sentineledited.jpg

Cops in Longwood, Florida, received a report this week that a young blond woman was sitting idly in a car parked outside of a Big Lots. The caller said she looked “stoned out of her face.” When police arrived, they found her clutching a crack pipe and had a 2-week-old boy strapped in a car seat in the back. Miami New Times has the story. 


Sure, no one wants to visit one of Florida’s beaches to find it littered with trash, but lately we think tourists might be more wary of getting their face bitten off than encountering garbage.

So while we’re glad 20-year-old Keys resident Cassi Lyn Stanton was trying to keep her beach clean, we wish she would have found a better way to get her message across. Miami New Times has the story. 

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