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A massive Halloween street party in Miami turned into a real-life scene out of a slasher movie last night when a fight broke out around 3 a.m. Police say 21-year-old Anevri Moreira pulled out a knife and started stabbing, sending four men to the hospital. Three of those men are in critical condition, including one who went into cardiac arrest. Moreira faces second-degree attempted murder charges. Miami New Times has the story

When Christopher Dabney spotted the guy dressed up as a disabled veteran for Halloween, he was righteously angry. After all, Dabney is a real-life Marine — even if he was wearing a pink tutu at the time. So the 22-year-old lashed out at the “veteran,” knocking him out of his fake wheelchair with two blows. Sadly for Dabney, it turns out the other guy wasn’t in a costume at all — he really was a disabled veteran. The young Marine now faces charges of abusing the disabled. Miami New Times has the story

Robert Bellamy Jr., an elite moron, punched, kicked and robbed a guy he thought was gay

​You could say Robert Bellamy Jr. is a huge friggin’ moron, but that would be an insult to morons the world over. In the small hours of Sunday morning, Bellamy and three other people spotted two men at a Long Island gas station. One was dressed as a woman for Halloween.

Being knuckle-draggers, Bellamy and his entourage  decided to hurl their best anti-gay insults, which we can assure did not contain any polysyllabic words. The men left the gas station and were followed by Bellamy and his friends, which included a woman and two other men…

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