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Curtis Maxwell and Ebenezer Nah have been charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury. Harris County Sheriff's Office

Curtis Maxwell and Ebenezer Nah have been charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

Getting stuck in the Harris County Jail because you can’t afford to pay the bail amount listed on a chart can have immediate consequences that can be worse than losing a job or a scholarship. In the past, a diabetic was booked without access to insulin, leading him to vomit dozens of times until he passed out three days later. A man arrested for visiting with his children for too long during a scheduled visit was smothered to death by guards in riot gear after they accused him of creating a weapon from a smoke detector.

And last week, according to authorities, two inmates beat a man to death in a holding cell. He was in jail for less than 48 hours.


Nineteen years ago, a young graduate student studying criminology at the University of North Texas disappeared just after her class toured the Denton Police Department. The student, Kelli Cox, had locked her keys in her car and called her boyfriend to come pick her up. When he arrived, she was gone.

This week,  the investigation finally came to a close when forensic experts identified remains found in a field along Highway 288, about 30 miles south of Houston, as belonging to Cox. Cox’s suspected killer, William Reece, had led authorities to the dig site, telling them that this was where he had buried Cox and, nearby, also 17-year-old Jessica Cain in 1997.

houston-press-feat_img3_31John Domingues rushed to the corner of Francis and Sampson, in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward, as soon as he heard the call for “shots fired” crackle over his police radio. It was just after midnight when Domingues pulled up near the row of shotgun houses and saw Jason Rosemon, a fellow Houston Police Department officer, standing at the north end of the street. When Domingues stepped out of his cruiser, he could see what Rosemon was staring at: Kenny Releford, 38, was on the ground bleeding from two gunshot wounds.


You might recognize Houston’s Lamar High if you’ve seen the Bill Murray indie classic Rushmore. Lamar played the dilapidated public school in the movie, but in reality it’s in an exclusive neighborhood, next door to the posh private school that played Rushmore Academy. Fights broke out there Thursday; students began tweeting about “a riot,” and the school district tried to downplay it all as a student prank. The videos show the truth lies somewhere in between. Houston Press has the story.

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