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carlos_alvarezFormer Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, who was recalled from office in 2011 over the disastrous Marlins Park deal, has been arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend of 14 years, according to an arrest affidavit from Coral Gables Police.

The affidavit says Alvarez’s girlfriend visited his home to return his cat, though there’s no explanation why she had the feline.

Afterward, the two got into a heated argument. Alvarez’s girlfriend told police the former mayor grabbed her arms, pinned her against the wall of his building’s parking garage, spit on her, and yelled profanities.


Patricia Perez-Gonzalez, 26, and her boyfriend, Alberto Companioni, 31, were living a life of extravagance in the stereotypical way some outsiders think all Miamians live. But it turns out they may have been funding that opulent lifestyle with a complex criminal operation of credit card fraud.

Beginning in 2014, the couple stole people’s personal information to obtain American Express personal cards, prosecutors say. The victims were primarily senior citizens, and the duo would have the cards sent to random locations.¬†They racked up charges on luxury vacations, designer clothes, and exotic cars.


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After Louis Piper didn’t show up to work for a few days, his coworkers informed the police. They went to his South Beach apartment in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood Wednesday and found the 61-year-old’s decomposing body. That explained the foul¬†stench neighbors had been smelling. Police believe Piper may have been dead for four or five days before they found him.

Police now have his 30-year-old lover, Jonathan Alonso, in custody.


George Villegas shuffles from the bathroom to the living room. An olive-skinned man with a chubby face, eyeglasses, and salt-and-pepper hair, Villegas grabs two wheeled suitcases, one red and one blue, packed with hundreds of gold nuggets sealed in plastic bags, each weighing more than 50 pounds. Villegas huffs as he maneuvers the luggage into a cramped elevator. As the courier for his cousin’s Bolivia-based export company he is to deliver the rolling treasure chests — worth more than a million bucks each — to a refinery. The elevator touches down on the first floor. When the doors slide open, Raonel Valdez calmly waves the gun at Villegas. “We want the gold,” he spits in Spanish. “We’re only here for the gold.” Miami New Times has the story.

Regular readers of True Crime will note that bloodied faces aren’t all that uncommon in Miami-Dade mugshots. Rarely, however, do we see other bodily fluids make cameos. Well, that changed today when Anthony Joseph Calvanese III, 24, was booked into jail for allegedly attempting to abduct a little girl from Miami International Airport and took a mug shot that was, well, rather snot-nosed. Miami New Times has the story


After pleading guilty to possession of child porn, a judge allowed Nelson Carrizo to spend one last holiday season at home before heading to the big house. It’s a pretty common practice for non-violent criminal who reach plea deals, but Carrizo spent his final months of freedom trolling around on and arranging to meet an underaged Palm Beach girl he met on the site to Miami for sex. Miami New Times has the story. 


A mailbox in Miami got an unwelcome delivery this morning. After receiving reports of an explosion, authorities discovered that an “acid bomb” had gone off in a mailbox.

At least it wasn’t a bill! Amirite, fellow nonrich people? Bills. Those things just suck, huh?

Crap humor aside, the explosion happened just before 5 a.m. in the 5200 block of NW Fourth Street. The mailbox stands outside a duplex. Miami New Times has the story. 

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