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calle-ocho-street-fightDaymi Fernandez

There’s no good reason to get into a fight at Miami’s annual Calle Ocho festival. Everyone is happy, the food is delicious, and you could even watch a dude wolf down 158 croquetas at this year’s El Croquetazo eating contest.

So huge congrats to these morons, who took a good thing and beat it over the head with a chair.

On Sunday, a massive street brawl broke out at the festival, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary. In the clip uploaded to Facebook and then widely shared, at least ten people can be seen throwing random haymakers at one another and slamming each other onto the soaked pavement. A poor group of festival workers stood behind a fence, literally penned in by the fight.

car-firebombing-miamiDonald Shockey

Donald Shockey believes that everyone deserves to live in a clean neighborhood. When he lived in upscale, suburban Miami Shores from 2001 to 2014, he didn’t have much of an issue because, he says, that city’s code-enforcement division was well funded and did a good job of making residents clean up their trash. But when Shockey moved into a home on NW 41st Street in the urban City of Miami in 2014, he says, he found a neighborhood in disarray.

“There are vacant lots that are constantly overgrown,” he says. “Junk cars sitting there with no license plates. Just many, many blatant code and sanitation violations, and the neighborhood is very, very trashy as a result.”

So Shockey began calling code enforcement to report his neighbors’ violations. Then, this past weekend, he says, someone lit his car on fire.

The City of Miami’s police union is run by a person who once called a dead 12-year-old a “thug,” has publicly called Islam a “religion that enslaves and allows the beating of women,” has been sued multiple times for alleged cases of police misconduct, and habitually posts on social media about how undocumented immigrants bring crime to American cities. Now Javier Ortiz has been reprimanded again for posting a private woman’s personal cell phone number on the internet and encouraging people to call her and yell at her — all because she caught a county cop speeding.

miami cop arrested garbage workers on jobIfoxa Predestin

Ifoxa Predestin has worked for the City of Miami’s Department of Solid Waste for the past 11 years. His life as a sanitation worker has been full of surprises — some good, some bad. The good: In 2015, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado honored him at a city commission meeting after Predestin used CPR to save a 2-year-old girl’s life on the job.


The bad: This past Monday, Predestin and co-worker Lance Albert McCoy were arrested in the middle of their workday by a city cop, apparently for no good reason — and caught the whole thing on video.

courthousePhoto by Philip Pessar / Flickr

Imagine every conceivable moment when your pants might spontaneously burst into flames. Got them all? OK, now which one would be the single most absurd?

Here’s a good one: You’re standing in front of a jury, arguing that your client didn’t purposely set his car on fire — because it spontaneously combusted. Oops, just like your pants!

will_old_man_signing_point_finger_credit_bacho_-_shutterstock.comBacho /

In October 2015, 92-year-old David Garrett called police. He believed someone was taking money out of his investment accounts. Miami Police Officer Johnny Fonseca was dispatched to Garrett’s home, where the elderly, dementia-addled man showed him documents that put Garrett’s assets at more than $1 million.

Fonseca never filed a police report about Garrett’s suspicions. But before the man’s death a couple of months later, the officer did write a will declaring himself executor and sole beneficiary of Garrett’s estate.


You know that episode of Black Mirror where an unsuspecting teen is filmed watching porn through a hacked webcam, and then blackmailed into (spoiler) robbing a bank and murdering somebody, just so the hacker wouldn’t leak his information to his family? Turns out that sci-fi episode’s plotline is heavy on the “science” and pretty light on “fiction.

Case in point: A South Beach lawyer was charged yesterday with operating a massive porn-blackmail scheme, in which he and his cohorts would make their own porn then upload it onto the internet in places they knew it would be illegally downloaded. The feds say that lawyer, John Steele, and his team would then wait for someone to download that porn, and then blackmail them into forking over wads of cash, lest Steele reveal the victim’s porn-watching history to the world.
coffee-shop-cocaine-bustmarcusrg via Flickr Creative Commons

On September 1, a Miami-Dade County Police detective walked into Kareta Kafe on SW 40th Street in West Dade, and sat down at the bar. He ordered a beer, which the bartender happily handed over.

He then ordered $20 worth of cocaine, and the bartender gave him that, too.

According to police reports, Kareta Kafe was operating under the most aggressively South Florida business-model possible: Undercover cops say they spent two months blatantly ordering cocaine at Kareta — including one huge, $140 “eight ball” — all while calmly sipping beer, coffee, whiskey, and bottled water from the bar.
carlos-rodriguez-half-headed-manMiami-Dade Department of Corrections

Let’s get this over with: The photo above is real, the man is alive, and his name is Carlos Rodriguez. He is 31 years old and goes by the nickname “Half Head,” and the reason is obvious. Half Head lives in Miami and got into a car accident when he was high some years ago. This forced doctors to remove part of his brain and then fuse his skull back together.

So, without a full brain, Half Head seems to have issues with impulse control and can’t keep himself out of trouble. Today he’s back in jail.

On Monday, Half Head was arrested for two felony counts of attempted murder and one count of first-degree arson, according to the Miami-Dade Department of Corrections. 

ocean_beach_shootingNews Cafe Webcam

This past Sunday, a tourist from New York was gunned down on Ocean Drive around 7 a.m., just as South Beach was waking up. Shot two times outside iconic sidewalk restaurant News Cafe, the young man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Yesterday morning, Miami Beach Police identified the victim as Lavon B. Walker — a 30-year-old community activist who spent the last years of his life working to end gun violence in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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