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When Rodney Blanchard asked his buddy to fetch him a beer out of his freezer, he’d apparently either forgotten or didn’t care that he’d recently put four live kittens in plastic bags and stuck them in the freezer? Why? Police still don’t know. But they arrested Blanchard for animal cruelty and saved three of the cats, though one died in the freezer. Miami New Times has the story.  

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Rodney Blanchard, the Florida man arrested for stuffing four live kittens in plastic bags in his freezer. If that caper wasn’t enough to make Blanchard the worst human being of the week, it turns out his roommate in a Tampa-area trailer park is also the prime suspect in a gruesome double shooting. Even worse, Blanchard’s 24-year-old son, Damian, was an accomplice who lured the victims outside for the attack, police say. Miami New Times has the story