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A city manager gets caught in a prostitution sting

​This is not the way you want to end a 26-year career. Last weekend, James Mussenden
resigned as city manager of El Monte, California. It seems the 59-year-old married grandfather snuck out for a little pay-per-service honey on the side, and ended up losing his job instead.

Undercover vice officers in Pomona were running a sting last week in a neighborhood where they’d been getting hooker complaints. The operation was quite successful, netting 30 people. But in that net was Mussenden, who resigned the day the arrests were made public.

It’s a sad way to go for a guy with 26 years on the job who’s still short of retirement. It’s even sadder given the tongue-lashing he’s now taking from his wife. But even on a minor pinch like this, he probably couldn’t survive voter backlash — unless he was a U.S. senator from Louisiana.

Doolittle’s accused of getting his wife an easy job and taking tickets to Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks

​If you’re looking for an up-and-comer on your fantasy corruption team, you might want to check out former Congressman John Doolittle (R-California). The featured star of today’s Scumbag Politician Alert! is sure to be points leader in the months to come.

He’s been identified as “Lawmaker #5” in an indictment against a lobbyist who worked for Jack Abramoff, the noted douchebag now in prison for his own congressional bribery schemes. According to the feds, Doolittle received dinners, sports tickets and primo seats to Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill concerts. He also got his wife a $90,000-a-year job where she wouldn’t be “overburdened with work” — which can be translated from Washingtonese as “she didn’t have to do shit…”

Craig Callaway was also convicted on bribery charges

​In last week’s episode of Scumbag Politician Alert, we told you the story of Sheboygan, Wisconsin Mayor Bob Ryan, who’s accused by the city’s former human resources of chief of firing her after she rejected his sexual advances. But in Atlantic City, they play a little meaner brand of hardball.

Meet former president of the City Council Craig Callaway. He was pissed at fellow Councilman Eugene Robinson. He felt he’d gotten Robinson his seat, but then was betrayed when the councilman supported a Callaway rival for mayor. So Callaway came up with an extortion plan to force Robinson to resign.

According to the feds, Callaway and his two bothers — Ronald and David — got side-by-side hotel rooms and rigged one with a clock radio that contained a camera. Then they used a hooker to lure Robinson — who’s also a Baptist minister — into the room to partake of her forbidden fruits. But while the Callaways were able to make a quality tape, the extortion plot didn’t go as planned…

Mayor Bob Ryan: Pervert or falsely accused?

The timing seemed a little strange. Sheboygan, Wisconson’s city human resources director Angela Payne was just hired in February. She seemed to have a solid resume — a former Marine who had taught business ethics at a Chicago university. She further claimed she’d recently received a “glowing review” from Mayor Bob Ryan.

And then she was abruptly fired. 

Ryan claims she was a cancer on the job. Just days before her termination, he says, department heads gathered to complain that she was impossible to work with. But she says she had no enemies on the job. And asserts the real reason she was fired was because she rejected Ryan’s sexual advances.

Payne’s problems began when the two went out to dinner and a bar after a day of union negotiations…

Frank Russo is accused of continuing the scheme even after the FBI raided his home and office

​Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo has been an FBI target for more than a year in a massive Cleveland corruption case that has already led to charges against 16 people. Thus far, Russo’s been able to escape the noose. But it appears to be getting tighter.

Russo’s top aide, Sandy Klimkowski, has pleaded guilty to a monster bribery scheme that spanned a decade and allegedly sent $1.2 million in bribes to the auditor. Klimkowski says that in exchange for a contract to oversee commercial property appraisals, VAS Enterprises kicked weekly bribes of $10,000 in cash to the auditor. Klimkowski got $154,000 total under the same scam.

The FBI says that even after county government offices were raided last year, the scheme continued, with Russo demanding lower payments that were easier to conceal. Though he’s maintained his innocence, the number of people falling around Russo — on charges ranging from extortion to conspiracy — implies that the bright lights of the Ohio pen aren’t too far away for this scumbag, who’s been raping one of America poorest cities for years.

California Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall of Orange County is a guy who doesn’t quite walk it like he talks it. By day, he’s a married family values guy. But by night, he’s having an affair with a lobbyist and bragging about spanking her to colleagues… with his committee microphone on.
After Duvall was caught yammering about the affair over the PA system, investigators began looking into possible corruption to see if Duvall had been doing the lobbyist illegal favors. For a blow-by-blow take on this buffoon’s misstep — and an easy-to-read transcript — we turn you now to the good hands of reporter Scott Moxley at our sister site, OC Weekly.

Mayor Eddie Perez is is charged with extortion

​Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, a former gangbanger turned thrice-elected boss of Connecticut’s largest city, seems to have never left The Life behind. In January, he was charged with trading favors to a city contractor in exchange for improvements on his home. Today he was arraigned on new charges of extortion.

Prosecutors say the mayor tried to shake down developer Joseph Citino, who wanted to purchase city-owned property. The problem, say police, is that Perez’s pal, former state Rep. Abraham Giles, already had a sweet scam running on that property. Giles was leasing the land from the city $500 a month, then turning around and subleasing it to a parking company for $2,250
a month. If Citino wanted the property, he was going to have to kick Perez and Giles $250,000 to make it happen.

The mayor steadfastly maintains his innocence on both charges. He even wrote an opinion piece for the Hartford Courant titled “Why I Won’t Resign.” Giles, meanwhile, is busting out the age card. “I have a very difficult time conceiving of how an 83-year-old man extorts anyone,” says his lawyer, John Kelly.

The stakes may have been incredibly low, but the good Republicans of Vernon, New Jersey tried to summon some major league intimidation against one of their own.

In this week’s Scumbag Politician Alert! we turn once again to those fine public servants of New Jersey, where threats and intimidation are the mother’s milk of that whole service thing:

Republican Richard Carson was elected to the Vernon Township council in 2007. But it seems his GOP colleagues felt he was a little too independent. So according to a racketeering suit he filed against the mayor, the local Republican chairwoman, and a cop, they decided to intimidate him into resigning.

This is a case as weird as it is bungling. According to the lawsuit, GOP chairwoman Andrea “Bunny” Cocula, Mayor Austin Carew, and officer David Hering repeatedly threatened Carson, telling him to “watch his back” and that his enemies were out to get him. They even warned him against going to the grocery store, telling him these mysterious “enemies” knew where he lived and worked…