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nikolas.cruz.james.holmesReading from the Voice Media empire: Recent reports that Nikolas Cruz, who shot and killed seventeen people at Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, has been inundated with fan mail and inspired the forming of alternately sympathetic and worshipful social-media groups echo some of the disturbing responses that followed the July 20, 2012, Aurora theater shooting, when James Holmes took twelve lives and injured seventy other patrons at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight RisesWestword has the story.

suicidal.prisoner.jailer.thinkstockReading from the Voice Media empire: “What does a person do when you realize you’ve lost everything?” asks Michael Bailey. “And I did. I lost my vehicle, my house and my job,” because he was held in custody for nearly two months on a warrant from another county he didn’t know existed. Moreover, the charges against him were dismissed shortly after he was finally transferred to the proper court. Westword has the story.

junkie.silhouette.getty.imagesReading from the Voice Media empire: Warnings about the herbal pain reliever kratom have been issued by the federal government, which wanted at one time to classify the substance at the same level as heroin. Plenty of kratom proponents consider such actions unjustified and portray kratom as a miracle drug. But it was anything but a miracle for this user. Here’s his chilling story. Westword has the story.

lethal.injection.getty.imagesReading from the Voice Media empire: A state supreme court recently upheld a lower court’s decision to reverse David Bueno’s first-degree murder conviction because evidence that might have helped him was withheld in his death penalty case, Author and professor Michael Radelet sees the Bueno case as a particularly compelling argument in favor of ending capital punishment in the state once and for all, and he sees multiple possibilities for how it might finally happen. Westword has the story.

homeless-joint-cannabis-can-youtubeReading from the Voice Media empire: A new study about the impact of marijuana maintains that there’s no evidence linking cannabis legalization and the increase of homelessness. This contention has been ripped by Police Chief Troy Davenport, who strongly believes such a connection exists. But one of the academics behind the document suggests that such critics would rather believe the sort of nonsense churned out by prohibitionists for decades than look at actual facts. Westword has the story.

lydia.coronadoReading from the Voice Media empire: State pages on are eloquent in their simplicity. Under a slogan that reads “Real People, Not Just Statistics,” the site offers an online place to salute, celebrate, remember and mourn every single person in all fifty states who dies from gun violence, no matter the circumstances. Included are photos, links and places for family and friends to share details about loved ones whose lives ended so suddenly. Each item stands as an individual tribute, as well as a single image in a larger mosaic that illustrates how much pain, bloodshed and heartache involving firearms takes place in our state on practically a daily basis. Here’s how this tragic roster came to be. Westword has the story.

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