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By day, William Britt was a substitute teacher at numerous schools around the Florida Keys, including a handful of elementary schools. By night, police say, he was stockpiling child pornography. After police busted him last week with 123 images in his RV, Britt admitted he was “sick” and said he worked at the schools because he “liked the company.” Miami New Times has the story. 


​Last week, readers of What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? asked why our list so sorely lacked the presence of our equally misguided Muslim brothers. After all, we’ve included Jews and even New Age types before. So this week, we did our best to hunt down a immoral Imam. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t beat out the totally gay, gay-bashing Baptist…

An early news report about the deaths of the Lupoe family in Wilmington, CA. 

If you search the term “murder-suicide” in Google News, you receive over 1300 results. And they’re not all the same story, either. Economic woes are beginning to take a human toll that may only increase in the weeks and months to come.

At least it seems that way. The truth is that times like these reveal faultlines — in lives, in marriages, in psyches. The following is a short list of recent murder-suicides in the news that have some connection to financial troubles in the family or relationship in question:

Ervin Antonio Lupoe and his family: Mr. Lupoe and his wife Ana lost their jobs with a Kaiser hospital in LA after they were accused of fraud. While Ervin Lupoe pointed to this and other money-related issues as causes in a rambling letter he faxed to an LA-area media outlet, the Los Angeles Times reports that “[the]couple’s financial situation, though pressing in recent months, did not appear to be especially dire. The Lupoes were behind one month in their mortgage, investigators said. They found notices of two bounced checks — one for about $15,000, the other for almost $2,000 — to pay for property taxes and penalties, according to the police sources. Investigators said it did not appear they were behind on their credit card payments.” Death toll in the Lupoe murder-suicide: 7. The Lupoes marked the 5th time in the last year that an entire SoCal family has been murdered or killed during the commission of a murder-suicide. 

The Meeks family, Columbus, Ohio: The Associated Press didn’t name the family, but did report the following: “A neighbor said the father recently lost his job, something that may have been a factor in the deaths, investigators said.” The Columbus Dispatch reports that the deceased were “Mark Meeks, 51; […] Jennifer Dallas-Meeks, 40; and their children, Abby, 8, and Jimmy, 5.” Police have not officially declared the deaths a murder-suicide, but believe the scene they found at 918 Beechwood Rd. “has the markings of a murder-suicide.” Death toll in possible Meeks murder-suicide: 4.

Brittany Marie Givens-Copeland and Adam Keith Williams: Burnsville, MN resident Brittany Givens-Copeland was either drowned or asphyxiated prior to the fire that led to police uncovering her death and the death of her (possibly former) boyfriend, Adam Keith Williams. Williams intentionally allowed himself to succumb to the fire he set after killing Givens-Copeland. According to the Associated Press, Givens-Copeland had planned to break up with Williams, but he’d also “been fired from his job a couple of weeks ago and had started working at a restaurant nearby.” Death toll: 2. The combo of domestic troubles between the pair and quite possibly the job loss may have caused Williams to go over the edge, here.

Jason and Serena Montes: Like Givens-Copeland and Adam Keith Williams, Jason and Serena Montest were having problems in their relationship. The Concord, CA gaming journalist shot and killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself about two weeks ago. On top of their relationship problems, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that “Jason Montes filed for personal bankruptcy protection in June.”

If you know of other stories where the current economic problems may have contributed in some way to the deaths of two or more people, feel free to leave a comment with a link at the end of this post.

Remember, though — the current crisis hasn’t caused these things to happen, per se. To say that is to imply that the people who commit the murders before killing themselves are somehow not responsible for their actions. Make no mistake about it — murder-suicides can result from impulsive acts of passion, but usually, they are a narcissist’s final act of control over those whom they view as, in a way, extensions of themselves. Straitened times simply reveal the brittle constructs some people have put in place to keep life outwardly normal.