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Jose Hernandez-Ordonez, a 22-year-old Madison resident, apparently falls in love very, very easily. He’s obsessed with a woman who says she’s never spoken to him, and went to the extent of breaking into her apartment early Sunday morning on a mission for her bras and panties. He later blamed it on love sickness and cocaine. City Pages has the full story.

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Talk about taking youth sports way too seriously. Fred Freeman, a
47-year-old basketball coach from Wisconsin, faces a
misdemeanor battery charge after he allegedly beat up one of his own
players, a 17-year-old girl from Milwaukee, after his team lost a
tournament game yesterday in Fishers, Indiana. His own daughter watched the assault and begged her father to stop, police say. City Pages has the full story.


Not only did Michelle Knutson pass out naked last Friday on the front
steps of her St. Croix Falls home, but she managed to position herself
in such a way that passersby had no choice but to take a gander at her beaver. Officers noted there were a number of items on the porch that Knutson could’ve used to get decent, including a towel, but she opted for her birthday suit instead. City Pages has the full story.

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