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Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: A motorcycle club called the “Sons of Hell” is suing several Arizona law enforcement agencies, alleging multiple violations of their constitutional rights. The bikers claim in a federal lawsuit that cops treat them as a gang “based solely on their associations and friendships with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.” Phoenix New Times has the story.

Andrew Wirth shot two people outside a Wisconsin bar for the smallest beef in recorded history

Reader Nick responds to Andrew Wirth Killed Officer Jennifer Luick, Her Boyfriend, Because She Pinched His Butt:

“This doesn’t make any sense… why would a girls boyfriend, want to
fight a guy, who was mad that said girlfriend pinched his buttocks…
to me, the BF should be pissed at his GF, and not this random dude…

“It’s going to turn out that it was this guy, who grabbed the officers
butt… and the BF called this guy out for doing that….
guns are for pussies anyways…. but hey, supirsed to see that a Biker
fought his own battle. Most bikers need to call all 15 of their buddies
to fight their battles since they can’t do it alone.”

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