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Come to think of it, $7.50 for a small jar of shitty coffee has gotta be some kinda of sin

Breakfast Reading of weirdness and adventure from around the Village Voice Empire:

$6.3 Million in 5 Minutes
From Michael Mooney at New Times, the trail of a brazen French art heist ends in South Florida.

The Last Member of the Hippie Mafia is Captured
A fugitive Buddhist monk is arrested in a 40-year-old hash smuggling case.

Price-Gouging at Pelican Bay
Inmate sues when price of Folgers goes from $6.40 to $7.50.

Edwards spiked the ice cream of little girls so he could shoot pictures of them nude.

Nutritious Breakfast Reading from Village Voice papers nationwide:

How the Feds Convicted Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill
Sam Merten of the Dallas Observer tells of the story of the biggest corruption trial in the city’s history.

Phil Edwards Drugged, Then Photographed Young Girls
He doped up their ice cream to create his own child porn collection.

Fisherman Erin Rieman Accused of Killing Partner on Boat
Witness says he strangled John Adkins in a fight.

James Tait and his creepy friend taped themselves having sex with farm animals

Fabulous Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

A Suicide, Philanthropy and a $100,000 Check
Where would you take a huge check that doubles as a suicide note? To the bank or the cops?

James Tait Caught Sexcapading with Horses — Again
Cops find videos of two men having sex with their farm’s horses, shetland ponies and other animals.

Goobers Attempt to Steal Oil Pump
Sparks fly in low-speed police chase with Texas rednecks.

What do you do with a former Aryan leader who’s killed four men behind bars? Send him to Colorado.

Delicious Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

The Caged Life
The nation’s most secure supermax prison is called ‘The House That Tommy Built.’ Meet Tommy.

The One That Didn’t Get Away
For more than 19 years, Dennis Earl Bradford has lived with the
knowledge that he raped an eight-year-old girl, slit her throat, left
her for dead in a field — and got away with it. Until now.

Luck of the Drug Dealer
It seems the only one who hasn’t been drilled in the ‘Dan Tang Drug Trafficking Organization’ is Dan Tang.

LA Deputy Abel Escalante was gunned down outside his home

A fine Tuesday’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

The Assassination of Deputy Abel Escalante
Reporter Christine Pelisek examines a slaying by Los Angeles’ notorious Avenues Gang.

Attack at the AMC Movie Theaters
A defendant on trial for attempted murder blamed the devil. The jury told him to go to hell.

The Brawl-tastic Teacher and the Parking Ticket Case
Miami elementary teacher Rolanda Benjamin assaults a cop over $700 parking ticket debt.

Police say Deanna Higgins got too intimate with her anatomy lessons

Monday morning’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

The Grim Sleeper Returns
The most elusive serial killer west of the Mississippi took a 13-year break. Now he’s back. La Weekly’s Christine Pelisek reports.

The Wrong Kind of Anatomy Class
Texas science teacher Deanna Higgins is charged with sexing up an underaged kid, reports the Houston Press.

The Phoenix Baseball Bat Slayings
Joe Sauceda Gallegos is accused of beating two boys ages 7 and 10 to death, but he’s too nuts to stand trial, writes Ray Stern at Phoenix New Times.

Joe Arpaio: the fraud behind the legend

​You gotta give him this: Joe Arpaio knows how to manipulate the media. Over the years he’s carefully cultivated an image as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” by forcing Maricopa County, Arizona inmates to wear pink underwear, live in tents, and eat on one dollar a day. Of course, none of this reduces crime in greater Phoenix. But it does get Arpaio a lot of ink, which is his one true love.

Now it seems the sheriff’s finally facing a national backlash. The Obama administration is reigning back his power after Arpaio was caught doing unconstitutional roundups of Latinos. And it seems others are beginning to pay attention to his long history of abuse, deceit, and illegality.

Our sister paper Phoenix New Times has been covering Arpaio for years, and you’ll be amazed by what he’s gotten away with when you read the stories here.


This morning’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

The Death of Raven, a Hollywood Beauty
The city’s noir streets made her the star of her own tragedy that Dyan Cannon wanted to turn into a documentary. From Christine Pelisek at LA Weekly.

The Luckiest Man in San Francisco
Joe Eskenazi at SF Weekly reports on the man who was hurled from fifth floor and escaped with just minor injuries

A New Twist on Child Porn
A Texas perv just couldn’t resist the feds’ everyday low prices, writes Richard Connelly at Houston Press.

Bruce Kalberg and a clash of punker ego in LA

A delightful bouquet of art, traffic tickets and murder in today’s episode of Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

Beautiful Loser, Tortured Killer
A collision of punk egos culminates in a music-scene murder

Grumbling Among the Gods
Miami’s top tagger crew falls apart over turf wars and internal beefs

The King of Speeding Tickets Retires
After writing 150,000 traffic tickets, officer Ronald Zeigler, the scourge of Rock Hill, Missouri, calls it quits.

Kimberly Gutierrez lured a young software developer to his death

Today’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

Pretty Bad Girls
Ashley Harrell unveils the tale of a trio of Bay Area femme fatales, who graduate from drug use and free sex to outright murder.

More Over-Priced Than Starbucks?
Inmates at California’s Pelican Bay Prison sue, saying they’re being gouged on coffee and other items, reports Joe Eskenazi at SF Weekly.

He Don’t Party Like He Used To
From Richard Connelly at the Houston Press, a man is caught passed out in a closet after doing drugs with a dead guy.

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