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Erin Andrews was stalked across the country

​Michael David Barrett puts the capital C in Creep. The middle-aged insurance salesman from suburban Chicago wasn’t just your garden-variety stalker living in his mom’s basement. He was a predator with a lot of firepower in MasterCard. So he spent his spare time tracking ESPN’s Erin Andrews at luxury hotels across the country, hoping to videotape her in the nude.

According to Andrews’ lawyer, Barrett would somehow figure out Andrews’ schedule as a sideline reporter for the sports network, then call every hotel in town to see where she’d be staying. A surprising number revealed the info, even allowing Barrett to book a room next to hers. He would then rig her room’s peephole so he could film through it with his cell phone. Lo and behold, a video clip of her in the nude soon appeared on the internet…


On November 16, a 38-year-old woman walked into the police department of Springfield, Missouri to make a complaint.  She told an officer she felt “embarrassed”: She’d willingly filmed herself naked for the singles-matching website, But now one of her “matches” was threatening to send the video to her family and co-workers. Daily RFT of St. Louis has the story.

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