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Amanda Gessner

On a personal profile at, Amanda Gessner wrote:

my name is amanda,i am 19 years old,i live in drexel hill pa.i have med. brown hair,baby blue eyes,i am 5″4″,n i weigh 135.i am very outgoing,always honest.i am very down to earth n yes i will let you know what it is!!!!i am a active girl…..i like to dance,model,act,sing…

Amanda didn’t say anything about an affinity for firefighters or for fire itself, but recently, she proved that last bit about singing. From

A 19-year-old Upper Darby woman who was observed on a store surveillance camera singing, “The fire company is going to be mad at me,” was arrested and charged with setting seven fires in the township early yesterday. 

Emphasis was added.

Amanda was hit with several charges, including arson and criminal mischief.

The Deputy Fire Chief for Upper Darby PA, John Hicks, told local media that Amanda had been at a number of fires taking photos with her cell phone. She’d also bothered firefighters at a local station. Hicks also said that Amanda “enjoyed seeing fire engines, enjoyed seeing fires, and enjoyed taking pictures of fires.”

Upper Darby police official Michael Chitwood said that Amanda’s name came up early in the investigation into the seven fires set at various locations. A look at surveillance tape from a store where Amanda was known to hang out captured her impromptu performance.

According to Michael Chitwood, Amanda is “the profile of what a pyromaniac would be.”

Officials also said Amanda Gessner is unemployed and lives with her parents. She had no history of criminal behavior.

Police say Amanda confessed to setting the fires once she was in custody.

Her MySpace profile, Ricanangel77, is locked, but she titled it “FireFighter” and had the following quote byher profile photo: “reliance (61) hook&ladderco. no. 1.”

Amanda Gessner probably needs serious psychiatric help. Pyromania is a distinct (if rather rare) form of mental illness. If she is the rare female sufferer, she will need a lot of treatment to deal with it.

Chances are there is something else going on with Amanda, though, and it’s probably too pathological to treat with any effectiveness. It’s also not like her acts were harmless — a family was asleep in the home where she allegedly started one fire. They escaped without any harm — but what if they hadn’t?

Police do not believe Amanda had anything to do with multiple arsons recently committed in Coatesville, PA, but she may well have been influenced by them.

She is currently being held on $100,000 bail.  


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