Author Eric Tsetsi

Dominic Chagolla

Dominic Chagolla was described as a bit of a mama’s boy in court documents obtained by The Phoenix New Times detailing the death of his mother, Maria Chagolla, in December 2010. Turns out, he wasn’t that much of a mama’s boy, as a jury found Dominic Chagolla guilty of first-degree murder in his mom’s stabbing death. The Phoenix New Times has the full story.

Angela Simpson

Angela Simpson pleaded guilty today to first-degree murder in the 2009 killing of 46-year-old Terry Neely in Phoenix. Simpson’s method of choice: Pulling Neely’s teeth out, driving a nail into his head, bashing him with a tire iron, stabbing him around 50 times, and strangling him. Then she chopped up his body and threw the pieces in a trash can, which she lit on fire. The Phoenix New Times has the full story.

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