Author Jake Swearingen


Afternoon reading from the Village Voice Empire. When 58-year-old Beverly Hills investment bank employee Michael Poret was arrested twice for a string of window shootings in the 90210 and along Ventura Boulevard earlier this summer, the big question was why? Well, as the L.A. County District Attorney’s office today threw the book at the Encino man, the reason might have surfaced: he was soaring on meth. L.A. Weekly has the full story.


​Robert Aaron Stephens has been an aspiring Hollywood actor for years, but wasn’t known for much at all. His biggest role was as a body double in the recent adaptation of Beowulf. But he’s in the news now, thanks to charges by LAPD that he would take women to Hollywood events, get them drunk, and then date rape them. LA Weekly has the full story.


John Puncel, a a former assistant women’s volleyball coach at Pasadena City College, was already having a bad day when cops busted him allegedly using his cellphone to film up the skirts of women at the mall. But now it turns out that he had a whole cache of films on his phone, and some of his victims may be underage. LA Weekly has the whole story.

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