Author Jen Boyles

Gary Jenson.jpg

​After barreling his car into a Christmas parade featuring small children  and driving away like it never happened, rural Wisconsin’s Gary Jenson has yet another mugshot to add to his collection. Last weekend’s incident is the seventh time Jenson has been booked for drunk driving, and now he faces 10 years in prison — probably not the jolly holiday on his wish list. City Pages has the story.  


Morning reading from the Village Voice Empire: A local Minneapolis TV station aired footage last night of a woman who laid  down in front of traffic to die, upsetting many viewers. The horrifying incident was caught on traffic cam around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday on Interstate 94, which closed for hours afterward. Police are looking for the multiple cars that hit her. The woman was found without ID and was hurt too badly to identify quickly. City Pages has the story (ed. note: it is disturbing to watch).


Coffee break reading from the Village Voice Empire: Keith Dodson must pay $65,000 in damages after unusually invading the privacy of two nannies when they lived and worked in his home. The women say he masturbated with their underwear and one said she would come home to find him pretending to be asleep on the couch with his genitals exposed. Said the man in an email to his now-ex-wife: “Sometimes I would just rub my penis on the underwear and put them back in her drawer even if I had leaked some semen on them.” Lovely. City Pages has the story.

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