Author Nick Phillips


Cops in Fairview Heights, Illinois got a call at midday on December 19 for a “battery” incident. Turns out that a 61-year-old employee of Best Buy tried to make sure two customers had a receipt before walking out. But the female customer shouted at the employee, and her male companion shoved him to the ground. Turns out the woman was a civic leader — acting less than civil. Riverfront Times has the story.


Luke Meiners was a much-loved assistant counselor in St. Louis County’s government. One night in 2008, a 20-year-old “friend” of Meiners asked for a ride to his boyfriend’s house. It was a trap. Meiners wound up dead and dumped across the river. But that’s only half the story: Once the perps/lovers landed in jail, serious jailhouse intrigue ensued. Riverfront Times has the story.


On November 16, a 38-year-old woman walked into the police department of Springfield, Missouri to make a complaint.  She told an officer she felt “embarrassed”: She’d willingly filmed herself naked for the singles-matching website, But now one of her “matches” was threatening to send the video to her family and co-workers. Daily RFT of St. Louis has the story.

toxic coffee mug-150.jpeg

The morning of October 15 was fairly normal for John Huffstutler, a supervisor at the St. Louis Zoo — until he left his coffee unattended for a short spell, then came back and take a sip. He was soon doubled over with nausea and a burning throat. Zoo officials determined it was motor oil. And he wasn’t the only one to report such an incident: A maintenance employee said that in September, she’d taken a sip of her Pepsi after leaving it unattended and felt similar toxic sensations. Riverfront Times has the story