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Ever since a police chase on Wednesday ended with a suspect fleeing the wrong way on I-95 and killing four innocent people in an oncoming minivan, questions have focused on why the cop started the pursuit over a simple traffic infraction. Well, it turns out the cop involved had been fired from his last job for drag racing at more than 110 miles per hour on the highway. Miami New Times has the story.  

Gentlemen: If you’re going to join a “Sugar Daddy” website, take a few simple steps before emailing nude photos of yourself and agreeing to send your new online ladyfriend thousands of dollars. First, reverse image search her nude photos to see if she’s just sending you random pornstar pics. Second, don’t include your face in your photos. A fellow in Las Vegas did neither and ended up getting scammed by a Florida woman who later threatened to send his wife the pics and to kill his family if he didn’t send more cash. Miami New Times has the story

Regular readers of True Crime will note that bloodied faces aren’t all that uncommon in Miami-Dade mugshots. Rarely, however, do we see other bodily fluids make cameos. Well, that changed today when Anthony Joseph Calvanese III, 24, was booked into jail for allegedly attempting to abduct a little girl from Miami International Airport and took a mug shot that was, well, rather snot-nosed. Miami New Times has the story


Kathanna Culp, 28, not only worked as a teacher in a suburban Houston high school, she was a lawyer who represented kids in court through the Child Advocates organization. She also, cops say, had sex with an 18-year-old student and provided liquor and weed to him and his friends. The “affair” came to light when the kid tried to blackmail her. (Update: Although she went through the 30-hour training, Culp never took a court-appointed case through Child Advocates. The Press regrets the error.) and The Houston Press has the story.


Getting to know Jovan Collier seems like it would be tough, but there are women out there willing to try. Collier, who killed his family when he was 14 and was later jailed for sending a woman a pig carcass and sex toys, was illegally living with his ex-wife in Galveston. The ex-wife’s daughter notified authorities, and now Collier’s on the run and e-mailing the local newspaper. The Houston Press has the story.

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