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jurassic.pets.screen.captureReading from the Voice Media empire: According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Ken and Lynn Kubic are facing 72 charges of cruelty to animals after authorities discovered that the conditions in their Adams County home were every bit as shocking as those that caused Jurassic Pets, their former business, to be shuttered. This claim is supported by photos and a video that makes the couple’s residence look like the set of a horror movie. Westword has the story.

angusCourtesy of Darrin Nielsen

In what surely qualifies as an express lane to hell, a man shot and killed a Houston firefighter’s dog in the Heights early Wednesday morning.

Dennis Nielsen told the Houston Press that a neighbor only got a brief glimpse of the man he believes was the shooter, who wore black clothes and possibly carried a pistol, at the corner of Tabor and West Patton streets. Nielsen said the neighbor couldn’t tell the shooter’s race or any other identifying characteristics. The shooting took place between 2:30 and 3 a.m.


3311982761_58242bfe35_zRobert & Pat Rogers/Flickr

A Houston mother has been charged with endangering a child after investigators found she was homeschooling her daughter in a house full of wild animals — including a tiger, three tiger cubs, a cougar, a fox, a skunk and several monkeys.

An investigation was opened after a California man claimed Trisha Meyer swindled him out of $3,000 — the cost of an exotic Savannah kitten he had purchased from Meyer but that Meyer never shipped to him. Meyer has also been charged with felony theft in relation to the incident.

Here’s how they caught her.

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