Browsing: Arson reading from the Voice Media Empire: The neighborhood had once been home to rival gangs that had their own territory. But an anti-gang activist says their turf has been compressed by development that’s brought in high income residents and displaced those who can no longer afford the area — and the squeeze has often led to assaults and gunfire. Westword has the story.

brian.pattison.facebook.2.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Emergency personnel responded to a fire in a building that housed a popular deli and bagel shop — and after extinguishing the blaze, they found a body stuffed into a closet in an upstairs apartment. Suspicion soon turned to Pattinson, who let Facebook friends know he was back in prison days before the victim’s friends learned about the arrest. Westword has the story.

A man was under arrest after five bodies were found in a vacant Westlake District building that was destroyed in a fire last night.

A man detained as a person of interest in the fire was booked, possibly on a murder allegation, a Los Angeles Police Department official told L.A. Weekly this afternoon.

Details of the arrest would be revealed during a 5 p.m. press conference at the site of the fire, a two-story structure that appeared to have been used as a Korean-American medical building, the official said.


Claudia Rose Drinnan, 21, broke into the home near Hardy Drive and Southern Avenue about 2 a.m. on May 14, climbing into her ex-boyfriend’s room through a window she smashed.

He wasn’t home at the time, but one of three roommates texted him, saying Drinnan had broken in and was upset. The roommates evacuated the place after smelling smoke before the building went up in flames. Drinnan was spotted outside “just staring at the fire,” according to one witness.

She reportedly told a witness that her ex had cheated on her.


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