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andrea.bartmess.800.1Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Bartmess, who was bipolar and used meth to self-medicate, was horrifically abused by five people — three men, two women. One of the latter posted on Facebook, “I fucking hate my life,” and when she was sentenced for her role in the heinous crimes, it didn’t get any better. Westword has the story.

art_basel_stabberSome onlookers thought she was behind a bizarre, eye-popping piece of performance art. Turned out she was attempting to murder someone.

Siyuan Zhao used an X-Acto knife to stab a woman in the middle of the Miami Beach Convention Center during the December 2015 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. This month she entered a plea deal on murder charges and will be deported to her native China.

Miami-Dade Corrections


An Arizona Department of Economic Security worker cracked under the strain of an abusive boss, admitted herself to a psychiatric ward, and talked of wanting to “shoot someone,” the agency says.

When the DES Office of Inspector General investigated, witnesses corroborated the employee’s story of verbal and physical abuse, and the supervisor was arrested last week at work by armed OIG officers.

david_johnsonScreencap via Facebook

In the midst of an already tense weekend in Miami Beach, David H. Johnson uploaded a video to Facebook informing friends he had been robbed and was temporarily without a phone. His face was marred with stitches, contusions, cuts, and scrapes, and the video soon spread beyond his friend group to other concerned Miami Beach citizens. The video has now racked up almost 25,000 views.

james.holmes.sentencing.cbs4.800Breakfast reading from the Voice Media EmpireHolmes was being moved from one part of the prison to another when an inmate seized the opportunity to assault him — and he later apologized for not being able to banish the theater killer to “Satan’s lake of fire.” Officials say the episode was minor — but if so, why has he been moved to an undisclosed location? Westword has the story.

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