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For months, Martin Villanueva would come out to his car wondering if the tires were slashed. On maybe a dozen occasions or more, they were. Evidence points to a priest who allegedly made sexual advances on Villanueva, who rejected them. Villanueva also set up a camera to catch the priest allegedly messing with his tires. Houston Press has the story.


Ex-gang member/”Pastor” Michael Salman — who falsely cried persecution to any media outlet that would buy his story last year — is once again a convicted felon. Salman pleaded guilty to felony theft and felony forgery last week, as Salman, his wife, and his brother admitted to defrauding the state’s Medicaid program of more than $118,000. Phoenix New Times has the story.

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A longtime Minnesota pastor allegedly sexually abused men who came to him for help overcoming their homosexual urges. Ryan Muehlhauser, 55, faces eight felony charges for sexually abusing the men repeatedly over a two year period. One alleged victim says Muehlhauser would place his hands on his genital area and call the sensation “blessings.” City Pages has the full story.

​​Darrell Gilyard is a registered sex offender in Florida, banned from having any “unsupervised contact with children under 18 years old.” Of course, that was easier to do before the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist church in Jacksonville hired him as their new pastor back in December. The church’s hiring move is even more surprising considering Gilyard’s sex crime came as pastor at another local church, where he admitted in 2009 to molesting female members of his congregation who were under 18 years old. Miami New Times has the story.  

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