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A Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community police officer has resigned following accusations that he sexually abused a woman in his squad car.

On May 26, Scottsdale police arrested 45-year-old Jay Wu, a decorated Salt River officer who’d been with the department for 10 years. He was released on his own recognizance.

He reportedly made admissions regarding the March incident to a friend and fellow officer who visited his home on June 1, the day he resigned.

“Damn, Sarge,” he confided to the officer, according to an investigative report New Times obtained on June 3. “All I did was give that bitch a hundred dollars to feel on her titties and she blew it all out of proportion.”

unnamed_1_Another Harris County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired this year — and no, it’s not for having an inappropriate relationship with the key witness in the shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth. Police have arrested former deputy Jose Ramirez for misuse of official information, which is a felony, after Ramirez was caught conducting random license plate checks outside his wife’s game room so he could alert her if anyone coming inside was a police officer. Looks like that didn’t work out too well for Ramirez.

shielded-artA jury acquitted a former Phoenix police officer of criminal sexual assault charges last week, clearing the way for his accuser to seek damages via a civil lawsuit – which she’s already in the process of doing.

Court records indicate that the 23-year-old woman, whose name New Times is withholding, filed a lawsuit on March 23 against Timothy Morris, his wife, and the City of Phoenix. As detailed in a December 2, 2015, New Times article by Miriam Wasser, an obscure Arizona law protects a “public entity” such as the City of Phoenix from liability in a felony act committed by an employee unless the entity had knowledge the employee had a “propensity” to commit the act. That means the accuser — called “Jane” in the article — would not have been able to collect damages from the deep-pocketed city.

With the help of her lawyer, she’s now seeking the justice in civil court that she believes she was denied by the jury’s May 5 decision in the criminal case.

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