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art_basel_stabberSome onlookers thought she was behind a bizarre, eye-popping piece of performance art. Turned out she was attempting to murder someone.

Siyuan Zhao used an X-Acto knife to stab a woman in the middle of the Miami Beach Convention Center during the December 2015 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. This month she entered a plea deal on murder charges and will be deported to her native China.

Miami-Dade Corrections reading from the Voice Media Empire: Foos purchased the Manor House in 1966 as a way to indulge in his voyeuristic impulses, he says — and he kept careful documentation of the sex acts he witnessed through ceiling vents, tracking every orgasm and sexual combination. He also says he saw a murder take place — although that’s proven difficult to confirm. Westword has the story.

Kushal Shaw/Flickr

Kushal Shaw/Flickr

The FBI this week is trying to figure out whether or not a crime occurred after it was reported that a large group of turban-wearing men fired weapons in a remote high desert community of Southern California.

“The FBI was asked to respond to reports of suspicious activity on federal land, and we are currently working with local authorities to determine whether a crime occurred,” Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for the bureau’s Los Angeles office, told us.

What witnesses reported sounds, frankly, quite scary.


The former Scottsdale beauty salon owner convicted in 2002 of killing and dismembering her husband is awaiting deportation to France following her release last month from prison.

Valerie Pape, 63, became a celebrity murderer after her arrest in 2000 for the gory slaying of her husband, Ira Pomerantz. The case had plenty of fodder for an extra-juicy true-crime story: Wealthy Scottsdale-ites, a photogenic, blond, French hairstylist suspect, allegations of domestic violence as a motive, and the gruesome discovery in January 2000 of a partial corpse.



derek_medinaDerek Medina was sentenced to life in prison for the grisly 2013 murder of his wife Jennifer Alonso. The case made headlines worldwide after Medina posted a picture of Alonso’s lifeless body on Facebook with the caption, “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife.”

Though Medina correctly predicted his prison sentence at the time, he now thinks his sentencing is part of some larger corruption conspiracy. Medina did not testify during his trial, and addressed the court for the first time at his sentencing trial this morning in a brief but rambling statement involving President Obama and the movie Unfriended

sevenmilephotos: Monroe County Sheriff's Office/Peter Bas Elskamp via Flickr CC

Just after midnight on Tuesday, 911 dispatchers in the Florida Keys received a barrage of odd calls: A backhoe, witnesses said, was wildly flinging boulders across the Seven Mile Bridge and into the water.

Thus began America’s strangest police chase of the year. Over the next hour and a half, a small army of Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies would chase the backhoe back and forth along the famous bridge as it tore through guardrails, scraped asphalt, and swung its mechanical arm at police. Yes, there’s video.

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