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Christy SheatsScreenshot/Facebook

Christy Sheats

After Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls sat down with Jason Sheats — whose wife, Christy Sheats, killed their two daughters before a police officer fatally shot her — Nehls made public what Jason believed may have led to the tragic event.

“We asked Mr. Sheats for a motive in his own words, and why would Christy kill their two daughters,” Nehls said at a news conference. “He stated that he felt Christy wanted him to suffer. During this incident, Christy had ample time and opportunity to shoot and kill Mr. Sheats in the home, but she chose not to. Mr. Sheats stated Christy knew how much he loved Taylor and Madison, and how much they loved him.”

This is not the weed whacker at issue.

Vincente Rodriguez thought he found a free weed whacker abandoned on the side of the road in northern Liberty County a couple weeks ago — though it couldn’t have been more expensive.

Early Sunday morning, Rodriguez was fatally shot over the weed wacker when its owner came hunting for it, according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Not long after midnight, police said a man came to Rodriguez’ door and strangely began telling Rodriguez’ wife he would like to buy their lawnmower — which was not for sale.

Just then, Rodriguez’s wife peeked over the man’s shoulder and saw their vehicle was in flames, she told investigators Sunday. Rodriguez came rushing out to extinguish it — which is when another man fatally shot him.

For more, read the Houston Press‘s full story about the incident.

julia.johnson.facebook.2Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: On Facebook, Johnson seems more interested in delicious desserts than a life of crime. But she’s the accused getaway-car driver in a caper that saw three young men invading the wrong house in search of drugs and cash — with a now bereft Williams stabbing a middle-school teacher before everything was said and done. Westword has the story.

hou_fea_20150514_opener_eweinsteinThe phone is what first woke Shirley Harrison the morning of February 1, 1994. It was around 5 o’clock and Shirley was still groggy from sleep when she picked up and heard the voice of her family’s pastor. He asked if Shirley had recently checked on her mother. He then told Shirley that her brother, Millet Harrison, had just called him to deliver an unnerving message: “I just killed the devil.”

jon.barbour.squirrel.old.guyBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Barbour had been feuding with people in the area, who weren’t happy that he was leaving pounds of peanuts for the squirrels. He responded with a letter explaining how the animals’ spirit helped him commune with his dead parents. But when someone ripped down one of the missives, fists flew — and a gun fired, with ugly consequences. Westword has the story.

florida_burritto_fightImages via Via Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department

Here’s a tip to make sure your criminal Florida shenanigans make the weird-news circuit: Involve a popular and beloved food item. If the words “pizza,””doughnut,” “bacon,” or “taco” appear in the police report, be prepared to go viral. As for “burrito”? Well,  it’s destined to wind up on hundreds of Facebook newsfeeds.

So all apologies to Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 66, for reporting this, but we just gotta.

Alleged_park_groper_Ricardo_RuizScreencap via YouTube/WSVN

On March 25, Davie Police asked for the public’s help in identifying a man who had been groping and exposing himself to women in public parks in the city. Less than a week later, they had 26-year-old Ricardo Ruiz in custody.

As if there was any doubt that the police had their man, during further investigation, they found that Ruiz had recently uploaded a bizarre video to YouTube in which he proudly and unsettlingly talked about his day of groping.

Pasted_Image_4_8_16__3_14_PMImages via Miami-Dade Corrections and Facebook

Stray cats overrun Miami like pigeons in New York or rats in Chicago. Except, you know, cats are cute, and some people can’t help but feed the feral felines, often to the chagrin of their neighbors. It’s a common quarrel, but one that usually doesn’t end in gunfire.

Then again, in Miami, apparently any disagreement sends bullets flying.

Click through to view video of the bizarre incident. reading from the Voice Media Empire: Kazama, who’s both an actor and a stuntman on big-budget blockbusters, so freaked out tourists visiting some scenic cliff dwellings that the cops were called. He got away from them then, but not after a car crash that was allegedly intoxicating — in a bad way. Westword has the story.

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