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florida_burritto_fightImages via Via Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department

Here’s a tip to make sure your criminal Florida shenanigans make the weird-news circuit: Involve a popular and beloved food item. If the words “pizza,””doughnut,” “bacon,” or “taco” appear in the police report, be prepared to go viral. As for “burrito”? Well,  it’s destined to wind up on hundreds of Facebook newsfeeds.

So all apologies to Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 66, for reporting this, but we just gotta.

Alleged_park_groper_Ricardo_RuizScreencap via YouTube/WSVN

On March 25, Davie Police asked for the public’s help in identifying a man who had been groping and exposing himself to women in public parks in the city. Less than a week later, they had 26-year-old Ricardo Ruiz in custody.

As if there was any doubt that the police had their man, during further investigation, they found that Ruiz had recently uploaded a bizarre video to YouTube in which he proudly and unsettlingly talked about his day of groping.

Pasted_Image_4_8_16__3_14_PMImages via Miami-Dade Corrections and Facebook

Stray cats overrun Miami like pigeons in New York or rats in Chicago. Except, you know, cats are cute, and some people can’t help but feed the feral felines, often to the chagrin of their neighbors. It’s a common quarrel, but one that usually doesn’t end in gunfire.

Then again, in Miami, apparently any disagreement sends bullets flying.

Click through to view video of the bizarre incident. reading from the Voice Media Empire: Kazama, who’s both an actor and a stuntman on big-budget blockbusters, so freaked out tourists visiting some scenic cliff dwellings that the cops were called. He got away from them then, but not after a car crash that was allegedly intoxicating — in a bad way. Westword has the story.

dynel.lane.verdict.cbs4Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Lane responded to a Craigslist ad placed by the very pregnant Michelle Wilkins, then assaulted her and cut the unborn baby from her womb; the child didn’t survive. The defense team tried to earn a lesser sentence by maintaining that Lane hadn’t tried to commit the crime that day, but the jury was unconvinced. Westword has the story.

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