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i rather be misconstruted [sic] than be under conclusions
u aren’t the least of my ruins…
— from “Chaous [sic]and Confusion,” a poem by Irma Simeus.

A wig, a hairbrush, a sandal. A dead woman inside a Honda.
Saturday, West Palm Beach, FL, and the cops come to check out an abandoned car in the housing complex on Elmhurst Road. Inside the car they find Irma Simeus, age 22. Near the car they find the wig, the hairbrush, and the sandal.
Irma’s family says the car and the other items were hers.
They also tell the media they don’t know who would kill Irma, a single mother to 4-year-old Javon. Irma’s sister tells a local TV station that Irma had no enemies, but they are “gonna run through it to see if there are people she perhaps rubbed shoulders with the wrong way…”

When i close my eyes I can still see your smile
and i can still feel the times
where your advice would console me.
Apart of me feels like maybe you not leaving me lonely
because these memories carry me.
They talk to me and I feel them all so suddenly.
Sometimes I still feel like you are here with me.
— from “Memories that keep me sane,” by Irma Simeus.

Irma Simeus just completed college. She studied to be a medical assistant. One of her profiles on a poetry site, “intensedtherapy,” provided a succinct self-description: “I write my emotions pure and simple and i capture my emotions thru my words. I have been writing since i was about 11 or 12 and haven’t stopped ever since.”
Irma’s family says she loved to create. Not just write, but sing. Poems found online, attached to an e-mail address that also brings up Irma’s MySpace profile in a search of that site, read like lyrics.

And i can’t believe i fell for your lies
but than usually i am the one who puts on the disguise.
And the phony way that you used to care for me wasn’t nothing but a phase
because i am moving on to financial success
while you let your financial assets go down to waste.
— from “Standing Ovasion [sic]” by Irma Simeus.

Some of Irma’s poems appeared to be intensely personal. One, “My Angelic Demon,” was remarkable for the anger it showed. Reading Irma’s verse it was hard to not wonder if the poem was connected to some real and perhaps even potentially dangerous events in her personal life. A portion of the poem:

Damn revenge is a bitch.
Honestly I never thought about lyin to you
but shit you thought i was pregnant so what else could i do?
Too bad you never knew I was the one who turned your metro off too.
The same chick that accessed all your passcodes
and did things you never thought i would boo.
I found out about the side bitch so I did what the fuck that i had to do.
Laughing to myself thinking about how I also was the master behind the office calls too
Shit it wasn’t my fault that I got people in places that will lie for me too.
But my favorite part is sending the fake letter you thought
was from my Doctor’s Office you fool.
You think you got An Std but karmas a mother ain’t it boo?
i would actually tell you that now you are a fool
just like the child you think that you fathered from me too.
The best part of it all is i know it’s all a lie
But You think it’s the truth.

If Irma Simeus was addressing a real ex in that poem, I imagine the police may want to speak with him.
The following is from the Palm Beach Post article about Irma’s murder:

Detectives have yet to specify how Simeus was killed but are calling the death a homicide. Anyone who was in the Elmhurst Road area, west of Haverhill Road, on Friday night or early Saturday morning can call the sheriff’s Violent Crimes Division at (561) 688-4000 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS (8477).

Maybe, if someone has reason to call those numbers above with answers to this mystery, we’ll find out why the wig, the brush, and the sandal trailed up to that blood-spattered Honda at the end of that road. Find out if Irma’s “Angelic Demon” had the scales fall from his eyes and decided it was time for his own brand of revenge.
[ and the Palm Beach Post. Additional link: article written by Irma Simeus for]

He is baby-faced and 5’9″. News articles say he’s just 18, but in photos he looks even younger. According to reports from the Palm Beach County Sheriff, he is one deeply sick puppy.
jsharp.jpgHis name is Justin Lloyd Sharp. He was arrested Monday and charged with possessing child pornography. He was also charged with sexually assaulting a dog.
Police took computers from Sharp’s possession back in April. On those computers, they say they found videos of preschool aged girls involved in sexual contact with adults. Police also say they found a video of Sharp raping a male German Shepherd.
The Palm Beach Post reports that Sharp admitted to what he did with the dog. During a civil case filed by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, Sharp’s own mother admitted that her son said he’d raped the dog at least 4 times.
Palm Beach County won the case and seized two dogs and two cats from the Sharp residence.
Justin Sharp called himself Anubis410 on MySpace. According to Encyclopedia Mythica, Anubis was the “mysterious canid funerary deity of ancient Egypt.” Anubis possessed a human body and the head of either “a jackal or a wild dog.”
Sharp’s profile has been edited to conceal who owns it, but in mid-July of this year it was still clearly run by Justin Sharp, an 18-year-old living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with an interest in canines and video games. He had a latin headline. It read, “Lupus, perficio proeliator, gnaritas quod citatus, suum decor habui haud fines finium.” Loose translation: “Wolf, the accomplished warrior, smart and fast, its beauty has no boundaries.” Sharp apparently came up with that line, too, for he tagged it with his name. All the images associated with the profile now and before it was edited depicted wolves.
Back on MySpace, under his profile’s “About me” section Sharp wrote the following, “My name is Justin and I have been accepted into Champlain College with their graduating class of 2012. I will be majoring in Videogame Programming. I have a Xbox 360 and I play games a lot online; my Xbox Live gamertag is Anubis410. Feel free to add me if you like. I am always willing to meet new friends! ;)”
Internet searches using “Anubis410” and information about Sharp led to this eBay user profile.
On eBay, Anubis410 said his interests included gaming online, wolves. He wrote that he had been born in Mississippi then lived in “Georgia for 9 years and I just moved to Palm Beach Florida.” Anubis410 gave an address in Palm Beach Gardens, and a Gmail address that began with this screen name: “Anubis35142.”
If Justin Sharp was Anubis35142, then further searching on the Web may have revealed a confession as to what he’d done with a dog made more than a year ago.
A sexual attraction to animals is referred to as zoophilia. Searching for “Anubis35142” gave results for a message board devoted to giving users “Free Zoophilia and Animal Sex Information,” and a post made by Anubis35142 on May 10, 2007. The title of the message thread was “Your First Time,” and the meaning was obvious — people were supposed to post about their first sexual experience with an animal. Anubis35142’s post was succinct — and nauseating: “Mine was with a Male German Shepherd! I Anally penetrated him.” Anubis35142 tagged the statement with a pink, smiling emoticon surrounded by a cloud of hearts.
According to the article in the Palm Beach paper, Justin Sharp was being held on a measly $9000 bond.
This, for a young man who has allegedly confessed to molesting one of his own dogs, and whom police say also had child porn.
Seems to me that bond amount is missing a zero or two. [ Additonal link — Anubis410’s YouTube profile.]

NBC’s Natalie Morales interviews Christian Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller.
You’d think the most interesting development in the endlessly fascinating saga of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (first known to the American public as Clark Rockefeller) would be Gerhartsreiter’s interview with NBC news. A portion of the interview was broadcast on the Today Show this morning. It revealed very little about the case and a lot about Gerhartsreiter. In person he is effete and evasive. He plays with language like a lawyer, disputing fine shades of meaning in words — the practiced sidestep of someone who is a confident and facile prevaricator.
To anyone with language training, brief glimpses of Gerhartsreiter’s German roots can be heard as he speaks. There is a certain crispness in the way he pronounces some words that is decidedly German in nature, oddly meshed with an obviously adopted upper-crust New Englander’s drawl.
Yet he is clear-eyed and his gaze is direct as he speaks with his interviewer. He controls his body language well. He seems, if anything, unusually calm.
Fascinating, yes. But the most interesting development in the case today has been reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Investigators are planning to use ground-penetrating radar in coming days to search for human remains and other evidence at a San Marino home that is at the center of a bizarre international mystery…

John [some reports refer to him as Jonathan]and Linda Sohus disappeared in February, 1985 from their home in San Marino, CA. At the time they rented a residence on their property to Christopher Chichester — an alias used by Christian Gerhartsreiter.
The bones of a man were found buried in the rear of the Sohus’s former home in 1994. No DNA tests were performed, but they were believed to be the remains of John Sohus. Linda Sohus is still among the missing.
Police in Los Angeles refer to Gerhartsreiter/Clark Rockefeller as a “person of interest” in the case.
According to the LAT, a geophysicist is coming in to study the property where the Sohuses and Gerhartsreiter lived in ’85. The ground penetrating radar will be used to avoid disturbing the ground around the home. If any tell-tale results are found via the radar, authorities will know where to focus their efforts if they decide to dig for more evidence.
For his part, Gerhartsreiter/Rockefeller decided to avoid discussing the Sohuses with the media. A Boston paper reported that he “fell silent and smiled tightly” when asked about the missing couple and his attorney requested the interviewer change subjects. [Los Angeles Times and MSNBC.]

jeremynoyes.jpgThe FBI says that Jeremy Noyes, a 30-year-old med student living in Erie, PA planned to create a sex farm or private island retreat stocked with female slaves. The feds also say Noyes had child porn in one of his e-mail accounts. So they arrested him on August 18 and charged him with two counts of possessing child pornography.
Authorities were tipped off when Noyes’s ex became concerned about Noyes’s interest in kids. Elizabeth Fleming, who was enrolled with Noyes at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, gave the FBI e-mails from Noyes in which he outlined a sick desire to begin a “new society.”
The messages also described Alex and her child Abby, who allegedly lived in New Zealand. Noyes said he met Alex via, a fetish site for folks with an interest in BDSM (Fleming got to know Noyes through the site as well).
The FBI’s affidavit filed to support the charges against Jeremy Noyes states that Noyes would IM with Alex and instruct her in the proper preparation of her 4-year-old child “for sexual activity.” The same affidavit told of a conversation during which Noyes told Fleming that he had a long-term plan to put together what he called a “family” of sex slaves. Alex and Abby from New Zealand were to be the seeds of that family. According to Fleming, Noyes stated that he’d wait until Abby was between 8 and 14 years old, then impregnate her. Her offspring would be the fulfillment of this sick plan. The affidavit states that Noyes planned to purchase “a farm or an island where he could” form his new society.
Jeremy Noyes is in the Erie County jail. His next hearing is Thursday. If he’s convicted on the child porn charges, Noyes could face anywhere from 10 to 40 years in prison.
The affidavit published by The Smoking Gun leaves out many other allegations made by Elizabeth Fleming, including her statement — made in a blog entry — that Noyes claimed he’d committed murder — and gotten away with it.

anthraxenvelope.jpgThose who have strong doubts about the case against the late Bruce Ivins being the Amerithrax killer have new grist for the mill. The FBI has admitted that they had possession of the correct strain of anthrax shortly after the deadly letters were sent in late 2001. They have also admitted to destroying the samples.
According to the Associated Press, FBI Assistant Director Vahid Majidi said Monday that an anthrax sample Bruce Ivins provided to the Bureau in February, 2002 was destroyed because of concerns that it might not be allowed into evidence if the case went to trial. In hindsight, said Majidi, the Bureau would have done things “differently.”
The FBI made this admission as they tried to publicly reinforce their case against Ivins. They did make one positive, interesting point about the investigation as a whole — according to associate lab director James Burans from the National Bioforensics Analysis Center at the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Amerithrax investigation “helped to found the field of bioforensics.”
Speaking to the media, Asst. Dir. Majidi implied that critics of the investigation would never be fully satisfied. He said that it would come to resemble the elaborate culture of conspiracy that still swirls around the Kennedy assassination. [Reuters and the AP/NY Sun.]

chichesterockefeller.JPGIt should be no surprise to anyone that the FBI has confirmed that the man who first came to public notice as Clark Rockefeller is actually a German immigrant named Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter.
Basically, the feds matched prints from immigration papers Gerhartsreiter filed in the 80s to prints left by ‘Rockefeller’ on a wineglass around the time he allegedly abducted his daughter, Reigh Boss, in July of this year.
Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, Gerhartsreiter’s lawyer continues to float his client’s defense that he can’t remember much before 1993. Gerhartsreiter does seem to remember the couple to whose disappearance he’s been linked, John and Linda Sohus, and he remembers living in their guesthouse under the pseudonym Christopher Chichester. But attorney Stephen Hrones insists Gerhartsreiter can’t recall much more than that.
And the reason for the Chichester name? Hrones says Gerhartsreiter “was aspiring to be an actor” in California.
By the way — as far as I can tell, I was the first to report the man’s full name, Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, and the fact that he was once married to an Amy Jersild, in Wisconsin. At the time I figured it was the man in custody, but couldn’t say for sure. A few days later, Boston newspapers confirmed what I found in public records accessed through an online database.
Just saying.
I’m beginning to wonder who will write the script when this becomes a movie, or at the very least, a made-for-cable miniseries. [BBC NEWS | Americas]

The story that brought Joyce McKinney back to the public spotlight.
Who could forget Joyce Bernann McKinney, her cloned Booger puppies, the past allegations that she raped a hunka hunka Mormon Missionary man back in the 70s? I know I couldn’t — she’s a crime blogger’s dream subject.
Well, from my home state of Tennessee comes the latest wrinkle in the always entertaining and original saga of the former beauty queen and international fugitive — turns out Joyce’s long and winding path from her tabloid heyday in the 70s eventually led, in 2004, to Carter County, TN.
This time, McKinney was concerned about a horse she owned. Seems he had just three legs, and the thing Ms. McKinney most desired was to fit her steed with a prosthesis.
Her alleged solution? Burglary, via a 15-year-old male proxy.
Couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.
Anyway — according to reports rolling out of Tennessee and the old AP, Ms. McKinney acquired a black wig, gloves, and the aforementioned 15-year-old boy.
There was one problem — the kid was wearing a wire.
And so, our Joyce — or whatever the hell she was calling herself then — fell afoul of the Tennessee law, and in short order she was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, and, for good measure, I guess, speeding.
Carter County authorities aren’t sure how Ms. McKinney decided on the residence in question, and in keeping with what appears to be her usual M.O., Joyce McKinney denied everything, declared herself completely innocent — this according to McKinney’s Tennessee lawyer David (don’t you dare call him Davey) Crockett.
Crockett was going to negotiate some sort of plea with the courts in this case, but McKinney missed the court date and thereby managed to add felony failure to appear to her list of alleged offenses. Crockett decided he was done with the case 2 years later.
Carter County, TN, however, is a lot like England in this respect — it seems as though folks there don’t have much interest at the moment in extraditing Ms. McKinney. Unless, that is, she shows up in North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, etc. Then, they might think about it.
The award for understatement in this story must go to former Carter County Sheriff investigator Laverne Julian. Regarding McKinney’s arrest in 2004, Julian said, “She was mentally not all there.” [ ]

pdcfloresaulis.jpgThe lovely vision you see on the right is Paula Del Carmen Flores-Aulis, age 40. She ran into some trouble at home, and that ultimately led to an even more troublesome incarceration at the Gwinnett County, GA Detention Facility.
It seems that Ms. Flores-Aulis was enjoying what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution delicately termed a “private moment” with a male companion around 7 a.m., Monday morning. That was when her husband came home.
The as-yet unnamed male visitor high-tailed it out the bedroom window. Suddenly, Paula Del Carmen Flores-Aulis was a victim of said ruffian. She said the man invaded her home and attempted to have his way with her.
Authorities were summoned and upon investigation they determined that the ‘home invader’s’ vehicle was sitting in the driveway of the residence. The hood was cool, giving the impression that it had been there a while. Lilburn police detective Kim Banks said that was “a little strange.” Strange enough to put Ms. Flores-Aulis’s story in some doubt.
Ms. Flores-Aulis’s lover sent a chum over to the house to pick up the car. That was how police got in touch with the suspect, and how he told the real story of the morning.
In short, he was scared to death mainly because the husband came home, and also because he was accused of home invasion.
Further investigation determined that Ms. Flores-Aulis and her “home invader” had even eaten breakfast together at one of the Atlanta area’s many fine Waffle House establishments earlier in the morning. Waffle House employees were glad to help firm up the accused lover’s story.
As noted by the AJC, Ms. Flores-Aulis is being held on a low bond, accused of falsely reporting a crime.
Strangely, her husband has yet to post her bail. []

Some crime stories you just can’t avoid, even if you try. The saga of Shawn Roderick, age 11, is one of those stories.
Police in Orlando, FL say Shawn marched into a Walgreens at 3:30 this morning and pulled out a pair of handguns, intent on robbing the place. It looks as though Shawn actually got some money from the till, but one of the Walgreens employees called 911 and cops snagged little Shawn as he exited the store.
Turns out the guns Shawn flashed upon entering the store were actually BB pistols.
There’s no word yet as to whether Shawn Roderick will be tried as an adult, but Orlando police released his name this afternoon, anyway. The UPI reported that the child will face felony robbery charges. [WKMG Orlando, UPI]

Not that anyone really doubted this, but Bernann McKinney, of the 5 cloned Booger puppies, admitted over the weekend that she was also the infamous Joyce McKinney.
McKinney tearfully said she’d hoped that people would focus on the story of her 5 cloned puppies and not past “garbage.”
She said that she figured “people would be honest enough to see” her as someone “who was trying to do something good and not as a celebrity.”
To Joyce Bernann McKinney, the portrait of her painted by the press over 3 decades ago wasn’t real. It was a “figment of the tabloid press.”
Speaking to the AP about the charges that she raped 6’4″ Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson as he was restrained in a remote English cottage, McKinney said, “I didn’t rape no 300-pound man […] He was built like a Green Bay Packer.”
Legally, McKinney has nothing to worry about. British authorities, citing the age of the charges against her, will not seek extradition.
[International Herald Tribune/AP]