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Four decades after little Gary Ray Hose vanished, his brothers are certain he was murdered by their mother in 1974 and buried on a piece of land in Pinal County.

Following two unsuccessful searches, Guy Hose, now 50, says detectives from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have given up on finding the remains of his missing kid brother.

“The sheriff’s department has already told us that Gary is not a priority — they got other cases that are more important and more current,” Guy says. “My brother has been laying dead out in the desert for almost 43 years now. When is he going to get justice?”

shanna.gossett.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media EmpireGossett, an aunt who was given custody after the three-year-old girl was taken away from her mom, told investigators she’d strapped the child in a high chair and kept her in a closet for two weeks. The girl was knocked out during one of her rare moments of freedom after Gossett allegedly shoved her head into a wall. But did she call for help? Hardly. Westword has the story.

florida_keys_childrens_shelterOn June 1, 2012, when she returned to the shelter after her eighth escape, a staffer offered to help her run away once more. Instead — the girl and her family now say — that employee sold the teen into a sex-trafficking ring, where she was forced into prostitution for 41 days, held against her will by captors who threatened to kill her, and eventually contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

laspalmasiiCourt testimony paints an operation that was stunning both in scope and brutality. The girls were reportedly locked inside a room above the bar for hours, sometimes days at a time. Medeles or an employee, like her daughter Delia Diaz, would escort “special clients” to the girls’ room, explaining which ones had worked at the brothel longest and which ones were “fresh meat.” For men willing to spend $350 to $500 for an hour with a girl, sometimes as young as 14 years old, Medeles had hardly any rules. Just don’t hit them in the face, she told clients. It depreciates their value.

The case against Medeles and her co-conspirators specifically mentioned 12 victims, many of whom delivered agonizing testimony at Medeles’s sentencing. Prosecutors, however, insist that given the size and duration of the operation, it’s likely hundreds of girls were victimized at Las Palmas II.

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