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shutterstock_451560409Reading from the Voice Media empire: A teacher has slipped through the cracks of a school background check, raising concerns from former colleagues and alleged victims about “passing the trash” — letting suspected or convicted teachers go without notifying parents and leaving them free to teach around the country until allegations catch up with them. Westword has the story.

sienna.johnson.facebook.3Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Sienna Johnson has pleaded guilty to two charges, one juvenile and one adult, in relation to an alleged Columbine-style plot against her high school circa December 2015. Her sentence is similar to, but slightly longer than, the one meted out against Brooke Higgins, her alleged co-conspirator. Here’s why. Westword has the story.


A Houston Independent School District teacher has been charged with felony indecency with a child, HISD announced late Monday.

David Salisbury, a kindergarten teacher at Berry Elementary School in north Houston, is accused of inappropriately touching a five-year-old girl. KHOU reported that her mother told authorities that Salisbury had touched the girl underneath her clothes several times, and in one instance touched her while she was isolated in one area of the classroom while other students watched a movie. Here’s what HISD had to say.

The University of Texas Board of Regents approved the university system’s largely restrictive campus-carry rules Wednesday, striking down only one controversial provision.

 At UT-Austin, professors will be able to prohibit guns in their individual offices; the school is the only public university in the state to adopt this rule. The board of regents won’t, however, move forward with a rule that would have banned gun carriers from having any chambered rounds in their semiautomatic handguns anywhere on campus. UT-Austin President Gregory Fenves argued that keeping the chambered rounds out of guns would be safer, guarding against accidental discharges — but the board apparently didn’t buy it.

The no-chambered-rounds ban would have forced gun carriers to manually cock pistols before firing.

jeffrey.falk.cbs4Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: The first case that came to light against Falk allegedly involved him hiding a camera with remote access capability inside a victim’s home — and after news of his arrest broke, more accusations surfaced. His guilty plea arrived just as another teacher nearby was busted for sex assault. Westword has the story.

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