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A school cop and a high school referee got crosswise over a student they were both having sex with, and now they are facing charges. The cop had been chatting with the teen on Grindr for a while and then picked him up at a church function for some playground sex. The ref later started dating the student and told the cop he’d expose him if he didn’t leave him and the teen alone. The Houston Press has the story.


A 41-year-old middle school teacher in Texas got too close to her students, cops say — having sex and trading racy sexts and pictures with at least four of them. Among the textual highlights to one of the boys: “That’s my favorite. Ima make you cum fast with my mouth. Then swallow everything you give me.” Houston Press has the story.

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John Wangberg was a phy ed teacher at a Minnesota elementary school for 30 years. He resigned in March 2011, and two days later the family of a student came forward to report the girl had been sexually abused by him. Since then, two more girls have come forward with disturbing allegations, and Wangberg now faces felony charges. City Pages has the full story.


A Glendale high school probably scared the pants off just about everyone yesterday when he showed up to class trying to imitate the Joker, the character from the Dark Knight movie. A school district spokeswoman tells New Times that the student did not have makeup on his face, but he did have scratches from the corners of his mouth, running up his cheeks, like the Dark Knight villain. Phoenix New Times has the story.

8. Rebecca Lynn Burrell

Former True Crime Report editor Pete Kotz has pulled together and ranked a real grab bag of awful people who did awful — and often strange or just plain sick — things this year. Head over to the St. Louis Riverfront Times for Pete’s rundown of the 25 worst people of 2012.

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