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Randall White was angry when his Little Ceasar’s pizza took longer than 10 minutes to prepare, and started complaining loudly to the shop’s staff. Another customer, 51-year-old Michael Jock, didn’t take kindly to the whining and confronted White. The two got into a shoving match until Jock pulled out a concealed weapon (which he has a legal permit for) and shot White twice in the stomach. When police arrived, he claimed he was justified in shooting the man under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, the same rule at the heart of the Trayvon Martin case. Miami New Times has the story

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Authorities say Washington’s Anton Calouri has issues with Barack Obama – and issues with anger. These two facts converged when the 31-year-old  allegedly sent an email to the FBI threatening to kill the president. Of course, the email also said, “GET HERE…NOW!!!!! Or FUCK THIS PLANTE (sic) …HARD!!!” and came from a man who shares an apartment with his mom. Seattle Weekly has the story. 

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Brian Lee Aumick isn’t the first to receive an unsatisfying insurance quote. But he may be the angriest. Aumick allegedly used his quote as inspiration for threats of Aurora-movie-theater-style violence, calling American Family Insurance and saying, “There is a special place in Hell for Insurance Agents and what happened in Colorado is going to happen in your agency.” Seattle Weekly has the story. 

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Thomas Casper, 56, says he is a broken man with nothing to lose. Because
of that, police are worried he actually intends to follow through on
some of the crazy things he said after he was recently arrested, like: “I should be the Joker. If I had a gun, I would kill you. I should have dyed my hair orange. Let me out. I’ll kill you.” City Pages has the full story.

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